An Introduction to Zen Buddhism

An Introduction to Zen Buddhism is a 1934 book about Zen Buddhism by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki. First published in Kyoto by the Eastern Buddhist Society, it was soon published in other nations and languages, with an added preface by Carl Jung. The book has come to be regarded as "one of the most influential books on Zen in the West".[1]

An Introduction to Zen Buddhism
Zen Buddhism (book).jpg
Cover to 1991 Grove Press edition
AuthorD.T. Suzuki
SubjectZen Buddhism
Published1934 (Eastern Buddhist Society)
Media typePrint
ISBN0-8021-3055-0 (1991 edition)
294.3/927 20
LC ClassBQ9265.4 .S95 1991


The book grew out of Suzuki's 1914 publications for the Japanese journal New East. Although the editor, Robertson Scott, suggested that Suzuki publish them in book form, he did not decide to do so until after the 1927 publication of his book Zen Essays, which he decided would be "too heavy" as an introduction to Zen for beginners.[2] Suzuki intended the resultant volume, 1934's An Introduction to Zen Buddhism, to be used as a companion with the contemporaneously published Manual of Zen Buddhism.[2]


Release detailsEdit

An Introduction to Zen Buddhism was published in 1934 in Kyoto by the Eastern Buddhist Society.[3] The Marshall Jones Company of Boston oversaw first publication in the United States. The 1939 German language edition was published with a preface by Carl Jung.[4] In 1949, the book was reprinted in London and New York with Jung's preface, translated by Constance Rolfe, included.[5]


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