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Amsterdam Zuid ("Amsterdam South") is a railway station situated in the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For a number of years, it was named Amsterdam Zuid WTC, in reference to the neighbouring World Trade Center Amsterdam. During 2006, in conjunction with the rapid development of the area surrounding the station, the station was enlarged and the reference to the WTC was formally dropped from the name.

Amsterdam Zuid
Station Amsterdam Zuid (Zuidplein).jpg
Zuidplein entrance (April 2012).
Coordinates52°20′20″N 4°52′23″E / 52.33889°N 4.87306°E / 52.33889; 4.87306Coordinates: 52°20′20″N 4°52′23″E / 52.33889°N 4.87306°E / 52.33889; 4.87306
Operated byNederlandse Spoorwegen
Line(s)Weesp–Leiden railway
Other information
Station codeAsdz
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
NS Intercity 700
toward Groningen
NS Intercity 1600
toward Enschede
NS Intercity 1800
toward Leeuwarden
toward Dordrecht
NS Intercity 2400
NS Intercity 3100
toward Nijmegen
NS Intercity 3500
toward Venlo
NS Intercity 11600
toward Hoofddorp
NS Sprinter 4300
NS Sprinter 5700
Amsterdam Metro
toward Isolatorweg
Line 50
toward Gein
Line 51
toward Isolatorweg
toward Noord
Line 52Terminus
Amsterdam Zuid is located in Greater Amsterdam
Amsterdam Zuid
Amsterdam Zuid
Location within Greater Amsterdam
Amsterdam Zuid is located in Northern Randstad
Amsterdam Zuid
Amsterdam Zuid
Amsterdam Zuid (Northern Randstad)
Amsterdam Zuid is located in Netherlands
Amsterdam Zuid
Amsterdam Zuid
Amsterdam Zuid (Netherlands)

During 1978, Amsterdam Zuid station opened on a strategic rail route commonly known as the Zuidtak and formed the heart of the modern Zuidas business district, which houses several large banks, accounting and legal firms, as well as being the main public transport gateway for the VU University campus located just south of the station. Over time, the station has played an increasingly important role in Amsterdam's transport strategy and passenger numbers have grown extensively since its opening. To cope with its high patronage, Amsterdam Zuid has been extended and additional services put on; it has effectively replaced the older Amsterdam Centraal station as the capital's main station for direct trains.

During the 2010s, as a means of allowing for further development at the station, a large expansion plan was proposed for Amsterdam Zuid. During December 2014, an agreement for this expansion plan, which has been referred to as the Zuidasdok project, was signed by various public bodies, authorising it to proceed. The publicly funded project has an estimated cost of approximately €1.9 billion; this price tag means it shall be one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever performed in the Netherlands to date.[1] Having received political backing, construction to scheduled to commence during 2019 and is scheduled for completion around 2028.


Amsterdam Zuid station is located in the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid in the city Amsterdam, Netherlands. It lies on the strategic rail route known as the Zuidtak ("south branch"), which was completed in 1993, and connects Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the west to Weesp, in the east via Duivendrecht. During 1978, the station was opened; over the following decades, Amsterdam Zuid was determined to be the fastest growing station in the Netherlands. As a result, the station was extended during 2006, and has gradually played an increasingly important role in the city's transport strategy. It has replaced the older Amsterdam Centraal station as the capital's main station for direct trains to various destinations located to the north and east of the country.

The station is also on HSL-Zuid, a dedicated high-speed line designed for long distance and international traffic, which was built between 2000 and 2007.[2] In the long-term, it has been anticipated that at some point in the future Amsterdam Zuid will be served by long-distance trains traversing HSL-Zuid.[1]

Since 2006, Utrecht and other cities south of Amsterdam have also been served via Amsterdam Zuid. In that year, the Utrechtboog flyover was completed; as a result of this additional infrastructure, changes at Duivendrecht are no longer necessary for passengers from Schiphol to Utrecht and beyond. These routes from Schiphol therefore bypass the congested lines serving Central Amsterdam, allowing faster connections between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and cities in the north and east of the country (Leeuwarden and Enschede, among others).[citation needed]

Amsterdam Zuid is currently served by 3 lines of the Amsterdam Metro and the Tram line 5, as well as by buses. Since July 2018 Amsterdam Zuid is also the southern terminus of the North/South metro line. In May 2008, tram line 5 which used to stop at the station was moved to the Strawinskylaan, where the bus services stop. This is so that the new metro line 52 building works could take place here.[citation needed]

The number of train services to handle passenger demands has been progressively increased over time.[1] However, the official long-term projections of future passenger numbers have been reported to be expected to increase to an extent to which the station's current facilities shall be insufficient to properly accommodate the corresponding traffic. While heavy demands would naturally necessitate a further expansion of the station, it lies directly between the south-bound lanes of the A10 motorway ring road and several high-rise office complexes, which leaves no space for conventional surface expansion.[1]

Expansion plansEdit

Following studies into various alternative means to providing greater capacity at Amsterdam Zuid, it was determined that the best likely option would involve the rerouting of the adjacent part of the A10 ring road.[1] During December 2014, an agreement between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region and the Province of North Holland was signed to cover the proposed expansion work, which is referred to as the Zuidasdok project. The programme is to be jointly executed by Rijkswaterstaat, the City of Amsterdam, ProRail, the Province of North Holland and Amsterdam Region Transport.[1] The project carries an estimated cost of approximately €1.9 billion, which makes it one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the history of the Netherlands so far. It is being publicly funded by a combination of the Dutch State, the City of Amsterdam, Vervoerregio Amsterdam, and the Province of Noord-Holland, along with additional investments that are being made by the Dutch Railways (NS).[1]

During March 2017, a contract to perform the design and construction of the Zuidasdok project was awarded to ZuidPlus, a joint venture between Fluor, Heijmans and Hochtief.[3][4] The consortium's architectural design team includes Team V Architecture, Zwarts & Jansma Architects and Bosch Slabbers Garden & Landscape Architects. Engineering firm Technolution is to perform system engineering, as well as to provide systems for control and monitoring purposes, including the user interface for the tunnel installation.[1] Rijkswaterstaat has been engaged by ProRail and the municipality of Amsterdam for the purposes of managing the project's procurement. Being sufficiently financed and having received political acceptance, construction activities is anticipated to commence during 2019 and is scheduled for completion in 2028.[1][5]

Under the Zuidasdok project, the planned approach for redirecting the southern section of the A10 current traversing the site is to build a series of new tunnels to carry the motorway through instead, thereby opening up the surface space required to develop a high-quality and compact intermodal transport terminal around the existing Amsterdam Zuid station.[6][5] The stated aims of the expansion programme are the improvement of traffic flow within the station, the location's transformation into a modern transport hub for the city, and the stimulation of new urban developments in and around neighbouring districts. Various elements of the local public transport infrastructure are to be redeveloped to better accommodate these aims and the station's overall purpose.[1]

As envisioned, the expanded station shall feature a light and elegant design intended to blend well with its surroundings. Various modifications are to be made as to enable faster transfers between the numerous train, metro, tram and bus services running through the station.[1] The Minerva Passage, which links the northern and southern part of Amsterdam's Southern Axis, will be widened while a new underpass, known as the Britten Passage called after Benjamin Britten, shall also be constructed. The project will also create additional space adjacent to the station to house new bus and tram stops, bicycle parking facilities, and lots for taxis and park & ride facilities to enable quick and comfortable transfers.[1]

All of the existing mainline platforms are to be widened and covered with new roofs.[1] In addition, the dedicated metro platforms currently located east of Minerva Passage are to be repositioned to a central location between the (future) Britten and the Minerva passageways to improve passenger flow distribution across the passages. The new area of station will include the construction of four sets of mainline tracks, as well as additional space being reserved for the future installation of a further two sets of tracks.[1][5] Upon completion, it shall be served by four separate metro tracks, including the double tracks used by the Noord / Zuid metro line.[1]


Train servicesEdit

In recent years, Station Zuid has become a major station. In December 2006, the extension of the station, including the new platforms 3 and 4, was opened. Trains are operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

As of 10 December 2017, the following train services call at this station:

  • Express services
    • Intercity: The Hague–Leiden–Schiphol–Duivendrecht–Almere–Lelystad–Zwolle–Groningen
    • Intercity: The Hague–Leiden–Schiphol–Duivendrecht–Almere–Lelystad–Zwolle–Leeuwarden
    • Intercity: Schiphol–Hilversum–Amersfoort–Hengelo–Enschede
    • Intercity: Schiphol–Duivendrecht–Hilversum–Amersfoort Schothorst
    • Intercity: Dordrecht–Rotterdam–The Hague–Leiden–Schiphol–Duivendrecht–Almere–Lelystad
    • Intercity: Schiphol–Utrecht–Arnhem–Nijmegen
    • Intercity: Schiphol–Utrecht–Eindhoven–Venlo
  • Local services
    • Sprinter: Almere Oostvaarders–Weesp–Duivendrecht–Schiphol–Hoofddorp
    • Sprinter: Utrecht–Hilversum–Weesp–Duivendrecht–Schiphol–Hoofddorp–Leiden–The Hague

Metro servicesEdit

Amsterdam Zuid is a station on the Amsterdam Metro Routes 50, 51 and 52. Route 50 was opened in 1997. It runs next to the railway line from Isolatorweg to Gein. Route 51 was opened in 1990, when it ran from Centraal Station to Zuid. In 1993 it was extended to Poortwachter and in 2004 to Amstelveen Westwijk. Route 52 opened in July 2018 and connects Amsterdam North via Centraal station to this station.

  • 50 Isolatorweg - Sloterdijk - Lelylaan - Zuid - RAI - Duivendrecht - Bijlmer ArenA - Holendrecht - Gein
  • 51 Central Station - Amstel - Van der Madeweg - RAI - Zuid - Lelylaan - Sloterdijk - Isolatorweg
  • 52 Noord - Noorderpark - Central Station - Rokin - Vijzelgracht - De Pijp - Europaplein - Zuid

Tram serviceEdit

GVB operates 2 tram services to Station Zuid. In May 2008 the tram stop was moved from in between the metro lines to the Strawinskylaan, where the bus services stop. At the western end of the station platforms is the stop Parnassusweg situated.

  • 5 Westergasfabriek - Elandsgracht - Leidseplein - Museumplein - Station Zuid - Buitenveldert - Amstelveen Stadshart
  • 6 Station Zuid - Buitenveldert - Amstelveen Stadshart

Bus servicesEdit

Bus services the busstation located at the Strawinskylaan, 200m north of the station.

These are city services, operated by GVB.

  • 15 Station Zuid - Haarlemmermeerstation - Surinameplein - Mercatorplein - Bos en Lommer - Station Sloterdijk
  • 55 Station Zuid - Buitenveldert - Oranjebaan - Brink - Amstelveen Westwijk
  • 65 Station Zuid - Rivierenbuurt - Amstelstation - Watergraafsmeer - KNSM Island
  • 62 Amstelstation - Station RAI - Station Zuid - Station Lelylaan

These are urban/regional services operated by Connexxion.

  • 199 (Schiphol Sternet) Station Zuid - Buitenveldert - Amstelveen; Beneluxbaan - Bus Station - Hospital - Westwijk - Schiphol Airport
  • 242 Station Zuid - VU Medical Centre - Amstelveen - Uithoorn - Mijdrecht
  • 341 Station Zuid - VU Medical Centre - Schiphol Airport - Hoofddorp railway station - Hoofddorp Centre - Hoofddorp, Spaarne Gasthuis
  • 346 Station Zuid - VU Medical Centre - Haarlem
  • 348 Station Zuid - VU Medical Centre - Amstelveen - Uithoorn busstation
  • 358 Station Zuid - VU Medical Centre - Amstelveen - Aalsmeer - Kudelstaart



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