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Amoc in Oulu, Finland (2005)

Amoc (Mikkâl Antti Morottaja) (born 1984 in Inari, Finland) is a Sámi musician. He is noted for rapping in the nearly extinct language of Inari Sámi. Amoc's stage name is an acronym for Aanaar Master of the Ceremony. He was named as Finland's Young European of 2007.



Amoc is of ethnic Finnish as well as Sámi descent. In addition to rapping in Inari Sámi, Amoc has also taught the language at various times at schools in Inari. He also studied filmmaking at Inari.

His father is Matti Morottaja, a prominent author, social activist and politician in the Inari Sámi community who is focused on preserving their language and identity.



  • Amok-Kaččâm (2007)

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