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Amnius Anicius Julianus (Latin: Amnius Anicius Iulianus; floruit 322–329) was a politician of the Roman Empire.



Anicius Julianus was consul in 322 with Petronius Probianus, praefectus urbi Romae between 326 and 329.

He is identified with the proconsul of Africa proconsularis who, in 302, received a rescript (an answer to a request for clarification that Julianus had sent) from emperor Diocletian, which ordered the suppression of the Manichees in Africa, accused of being in contact with the Sasanian Empire.[1]

It has been proposed[2] that the Julianus who was proconsul of Africa could have been active in 296–297 and that he was put to death by Maximian on fabricated treason charges; the rebel in Africa should be, therefore, linked to Sabinus Julianus, a usurper in Africa recorded in Aurelius Victor's Caesares 39.22.


Some recent prosopographical studies[3] have tried to reconstruct his family ties. According to these studies, Julianus, probably born around 270, was son of Sextus Anicius Faustus Paulinus, consul in 298, and younger brother of Sextus Anicius Faustus Paulinus, consul in 325. He married Caesonia Manilia (born ca 275), daughter of Lucius Caesonius Ovinius Rufinus Manilius Bassus (or Rufinius), consul in 280; they had Amnius Manius Caesonius Nicomachus Anicius Paulinus Honorius, consul in 334.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Fl. Iulius Crispus Caesar II,
Fl. Claudius Constantinus Caesar II,
Imp. Caesar C. Valerius Licinianus Licinius Augustus VI,
Valerius Licinianus Licinius Caesar II
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Petronius Probianus
Succeeded by
Acilius Severus,
Vettius Rufinus