Ammendorf family

The Ammendorf family was a family of Brandenburg nobility from which the Blumenthal and Grabow families originated, by a change of name.


The earliest known member was Fritz von Ammendorf who took part in a tournament in 969 in Merseburg. The next documentary reference to the family is in 1224 when "Albertus de Ammendorf" is mentioned. The continuous family tree begins in 1239 with Heinemann von Ammendorf. An Albertus de Ammendorf appears in 1263–71 as Provincial Governor of the Bailliwick of Thuringia in the county of Zwätzen. There is a reference in a Latin document of 1266 to Heinricus de Ammendorf nobilis vir. The family appears in Merseburg and in and around Halle, and later also owned estates in the diocese of Magdeburg and near Rothenburg. The family died out with Conrad von Ammendorf in 1550.

Prominent membersEdit


Azure, the upper body of a bearded man with a Hungarian cap and Stulp. Crest of the same.


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