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Amita Emmanuelle Dhiri (born 1965 in Brighton, England)[1] is an English actress. She has also performed ballet, and contemporary and modern dance.[citation needed]

Amita Dhiri
Born1965 (age 53–54) [1]
Spouse(s)Bradley Carroll[2]

Personal lifeEdit

Dhiri was born to a French mother, Antonia and Ugandan-Indian accountant father, Vinod.[3] She has two younger brothers, and speaks fluent French and Hindi.[2]

She has been married to Bradley Carroll since 1994[4] and has two daughters, Maeve and Edana.[3]


Dhiri has said that she was very shy as a child and that this led her into acting, telling the Daily Mirror in 2007 that "There are two extremes. I was paralysed by shyness and then I was doing something where you pretend to be someone else."[3] Her first experience of acting came about when a friend of hers who was at film school had a friend who was doing a film for their degree, and asked Dhiri to be in it.[5]

Before going to drama school, Dhiri sang in a touring cabaret group for about 18 months, doing Tina Turner and Janet Jackson impressions[6][7]

Her other jobs included working in a designer clothes shop called "Names" in "the lanes" in Brighton[citation needed], being a croupier, and cleaning.[7]


She first found fame in 1996 as Jarmila "Milly" Nassim in the acclaimed BBC Two drama series This Life, three years after leaving drama college.[4] Milly was a sensible legal high-flyer who had been in a relationship with Egg (played by Andrew Lincoln), since university.[8] One of her notable scenes was in the last episode, when her character punched her colleague Rachel in the jaw.[4]

She has subsequently had many other appearances on British television, including roles in Absolute Power, The Last Train, Dalziel and Pascoe, Holby City wherein she undertook the role of the raging ex of General Surgical Consultant Daniel Clifford (played by Peter Wingfield), Silent Witness, Being April[9] and McCallum. More recently, she has had a recurring role as Rachel Crawchek in Judge John Deed.

In early 2007, she reunited with original cast members of This Life in a reunion special called This Life +10.[10]

On 14 June 2007, Dhiri joined the long-running British police drama The Bill as DC Grace Dasari. In preparation for the role, she spent time with Kennington police in South London, and had a lesson in driving a police patrol car.[3] She remained in the show until its final episode, broadcast on 31 August 2010.

In 2013 she played Mrs Rattigan in Sky TV's Talking To The Dead[11]


She appeared in the film 24 Hours in London, released in 2000.[12]



Year Title Role Notes
2013 Talking to the Dead Mrs Rattigan Sky TV
2010 The Bill Grace Dasari 95 episodes.[13] Talkback Thames
2006 Holby City Camilla Two episodes: The Bitterest Pill; It's Been a Long Day. BBC Television.
2006 This Life + 10 Milly Naseem BBC Television
2004 Judge John Deed Rachel Crawcheck BBC Television
2004 Silent Witness Diana Baker BBC Television
2003 Judge John Deed Rachel Crawcheck BBC Television
2002 2nd Generation Rina Channel 4
2002 Being April Nikshita[14] 6 episodes. BBC Television
2002 Grease Monkeys Mina BBC Television
2002 Happiness Neela BBC Television
2002 Holby City Jenny Stephens Episode: Time to Kill. BBC Television
2002 The Inspector Lynley Mysteries Yumna Malik BBC Television
2000 The Law[6] Helen Galloway ITV
1999 Dalziel And Pascoe Kendall BBC Television
1998 Macbeth - Shakespeare Shorts First Witch BBC Television
1998 The Last Train[4] Jandra Nixon 6 episodes. Granada Television
1998 McCallum Delia Vine Two episodes.[7] STV Productions
1996-97 This Life Milly Naseem 32 episodes. BBC Television
1996 Casualty Dr. Julia Kaash Episode: Vital Signs. BBC Television


Year Title Role Notes
2012 Pack Nasreen Finborough Theatre - Papatango Festival[15]
2005 Whose Life Is It Anyway Helen Hill Comedy Theatre
2002 After the Gods Sandi Hampstead Theatre[16]
2001 Feelgood Aasha Hampstead/Garrick Theatre[17]
2000 The Crucible Elizabeth Leicester Haymarket Theatre[5]


Year Title Role Notes
2013 Invasion - Dangerous Visions Jenna[18] BBC Radio 4 Drama
2013 Skios Annuka Vos[19] BBC Radio 4 Drama
2013 The Aeneid Anna[20] BBC Radio 4 Drama
2013 When Greed Becomes Hunger Sunita[21] BBC Radio 4 Drama
1997 Devices And Desires[6] Caroline Amphlette BBC Radio


Year Title Role Notes
2006 Acts of God DI Mansfield
1998 24 Hours in London Helen Lucas
1994 Indian Tales Lead Student film written and directed by Asif Kapadia, Oscar winning director of Amy (2015)[22]


Year Title Role Notes
2002 John Adams: A Portrait and a Concert of American Music Narrator[23]
2001 Dream Sarah
1999 The Canterbury Tales/The Squire’s Tale Canacee Animated film

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