Amir (also spelled Ameer or Emir; Arabic: اَمير) is an Arabic masculine name.

PronunciationArabic: [ʔaˈmi:r]
Meaning'Prince', 'Chief' (Arabic)
Region of originWestern Asia
Other names
Alternative spellingAmeer, Emir

The name comes from the same root as the word emir.

In Arabic the name means prince. The word originally meant "Commander (of army)". It later became a title given to a ruler's son, and hence "prince".

The name has also been loaned into other languages.

In Urdu (Urdu: عامر) the name has the same meaning as the original in Arabic, meaning ‘prince”.

In Persian (Persian: امير) the name has come to mean ‘immortal’.

In Pashto (Pashto: امير) the name comes to mean ‘leader’ or ‘boss’.

In Hebrew, when spelt אמיר the name means crown (treetop). When spelt עמיר the name means a small sheaf or bundle (of grain, usually wheat or barley) [1]

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