American football Regionalliga

The American football Regionalliga is the third tier of American football in Germany, below the German Football League and the German Football League 2.[1]

American football Regionalliga
SportAmerican football
No. of teams32
Country Germany
Most recent
North: Oldenburg Knights
East: Berlin Adler
West: Assindia Cardinals
Central: Frankfurt Pirates
Southwest: Albershausen Crusaders
South: Fursty Razorbacks

The league is subdivided into six regional divisions, the Regionalligas (English: Regional league) Nord (North), Ost (East), West, Mitte (Central), Südwest (Southwest) and Süd (South).[2]


The league was formed in 1985 with two regional divisions, Central and West. The number of divisions changed frequently in the following years, as did the name of the league, changing to Verbandsliga for a time. From 1991 it operated under name of Regionalliga again with seven divisions, one in the North and two each in the West, Central and Bavaria. From 1995 the league was reduced to four divisions, South, West, Central and Northeast, a format that remained unchanged until 2004 when the Northeast division was split into North and East divisions. Since 2004 the Regionalliga operates in the current five division format.[3]


The five Regionalligas are organised by the regional American football associations rather than the American Football Association of Germany, like the Regionalliga Süd which is organised by the Bavarian one.[4]

In the 2015 season 33 clubs compete in the league, nine in the central division and six each in the other four.[2]

The top teams of the Regionalliga divisions qualify for the play-offs to the German Football League . The division champions and runners-up of the Central and South division play each other home and away for two promotion spots to the southern division of the German Football League 2, whereby the division winner from one plays the runners-up from the other. In the north, the three division winners of the North, West and East division play each other in a single game round robin for two spots in the northern division of the GFL 2. Promotion is subject to licensing approval and can be enlarged if additional spots in the German Football League 2 become available. An overall Regionalliga championship is not played.[3]

The bottom teams from each division are relegated and replaced with the top teams from the tier below, the American football Oberliga.[3]

Division championsEdit

The division champions since adaption of the current structure in 2004:[3]

Northern regionEdit

Year North East West
2004 Osnabrück Tigers Berlin Rebels Troisdorf Jets
2005 Osnabrück Tigers Frankfurt Red Cocks Assindia Cardinals
2006 Weyhe Vikings Frankfurt Red Cocks Bonn Gamecocks
2007 Magdeburg Virgin Guards Leipzig Lions Assindia Cardinals
2008 Hildesheim Invaders Magdeburg Virgin Guards Paderborn Dolphins
2009 Hamburg Blue Devils Magdeburg Virgin Guards Mönchengladbach Mavericks
2010 Hamburg Blue Devils Potsdam Royals Troisdorf Jets
2011 Osnabrück Tigers Cottbus Crayfish Bonn Gamecocks
2012 Lübeck Seals Rostock Griffins Bielefeld Bulldogs
2013 Hildesheim Invaders Tollense Sharks Cologne Crocodiles
2014 Osnabrück Tigers Potsdam Royals Paderborn Dolphins
2015 Ritterhude Badgers Rostock Griffins Assindia Cardinals
2016 Braunschweig FFC II Rostock Griffins Langenfeld Longhorns
2017 Elmshorn Fighting Pirates Berlin Bears Solingen Paladins
2018 Hannover Spartans Spandau Bulldogs Troisdorf Jets
2019 Oldenburg Knights Berlin Adler Assindia Cardinals

Southern regionEdit

The division champions and runners-up since adaption of the structure in 2004:[3]

Year Central South
Winners Runners-up Winners Runners-up
2004 Weinheim Longhorns Stuttgart Silver Arrows Königsbrunn Ants Deggendorf Black Hawks
2005 Jena Hanfrieds Obertshausen Blizzards Plattling Black Hawks Rosenheim Rebels
2006 Kaiserslautern Pikes Stuttgart Silver Arrows Aschaffenburg Stallions Franken Timberwolves
2007 Stuttgart Silver Arrows Montabaur Fighting Farmers Erding Bulls Franken Timberwolves
2008 Kaiserslautern Pikes Rhein Neckar Bandits Aschaffenburg Stallions Starnberg Argonauts
2009 Hanau Hornets Holzgerlingen Twister Kirchdorf Wildcats Allgäu Comets
2010 Badener Greifs Frankfurt Pirates Kirchdorf Wildcats Allgäu Comets
2011 Kaiserslautern Pikes Frankfurt Universe Allgäu Comets Nürnberg Rams
2012 Ravensburg Razorbacks Badener Greifs Fursty Razorbacks Starnberg Argonauts
2013 Darmstadt Diamonds Holzgerlingen Twister Straubing Spiders Ingolstadt Dukes
2014 Albershausen Crusaders Langen Knights Ingolstadt Dukes München Rangers
2015 Ravensburg Razorbacks Gießen Golden Dragons Straubing Spiders Neu-Ulm Spartans
2016 Albershausen Crusaders Holzgerlingen Twister Fursty Razorbacks Straubing Spiders
  • Bold denotes promoted teams.

The division champions since adaption of the current structure in 2017:[3]

Year Central Southwest South
2017 Montabaur Fighting Farmers Pforzheim Wilddogs Straubing Spiders
2018 Darmstadt Diamonds Biberach Beavers Fursty Razorbacks
2019 Frankfurt Pirates Albershausen Crusaders Fursty Razorbacks
  • Bold denotes promoted teams.

Current clubsEdit

The Regionalliga clubs for the 2016 season:[2]


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