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The Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) is a nonprofit organization created by women in 1951, that works to support women in the media in all different forms.



The mission of the organization is to "advance the impact of women in broadcasting and related fields."[1] They also provide support for educational programs, scholarships, do charity work and other public service activities.[2] Scholarships are available for women who are pursuing careers in media.[2][3] AWM also presents the "Gracie Award" annually to recognize the women's accomplishments in all media, especially for programming created by and for women.[4][5] The AWM is a national organization, but it has affiliates in different regions of the country.[1] Both women and men are welcome to join the organization.[1]

The AWM also hosts the "Women Who Lead" luncheon. AWM Chair, Kristen Welch says, “The Alliance for Women in Media is proud to showcase female executives for their extraordinary accomplishments and deep contributions across the media landscape. Women Who Lead is one way AWM recognizes and connects women who serve in all areas of the media and entertainment industry. By honoring these outstanding women we are empowering all women, at every level, to take that next step in elevating their careers and their contributions.” [6]


The organization started in 1951 when the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) dissolved the women's division, known as the Association of Women Directors (AWD).[7] After the dissolution, over 280 women came together to create the American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT).[8][7]

Their educational foundation, the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation, was founded in 1960.[7] The Gracie Awards, established in 1975, acknowledges women who help to create positive differences and who continue to develop the idea of what an amazing career in the media is like.[9] Each year, they reward successful students with $20,000 to start their careers in the media industry. Recipients of the scholarship are invited to the foundation’s Gracie Awards luncheon in New York City to be recognized, and to accept their scholarship.[9][10] They partner with other organizations to provide other scholarships to students, which simply require dedication and an application essay.

The organization changed its name in 2010 to the Alliance for Women in Media (AWM).[11] This coincided with another change in the organization where it shifted to a different membership structure which reduced or eliminated dues for most members.[12]


The 2017 honors for "Women Who Lead" went to:

  • Caroline Beasley, CEO, Beasley Broadcast Group
  • Amy Emmerich, Chief Content Officer, Refinery29
  • Kathleen Finch, Chief Programming, Content & Brand Officer, Scripps Networks
  • Susan Swain, co-CEO, C-SPAN
  • Julie Talbott, President, Premiere Networks

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