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American Society for Cybernetics

The American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) is an American non-profit scholastic organization for the advancement of cybernetics as a science and the interdisciplinary collaboration and synthesis of cybernetics. The society contributes to the cooperation around the research and development of cybernetics methods and techniques to manage complex systems.[1]

American Society for Cybernetics (ASC)
TypeProfessional Organization
Area served
USA, worldwide
MethodConferences, Publications, Website.
Key people
Michael Lissack (current president), Ranulph Glanville (past president)

In order to do so it holds conferences and seminars, and maintains contacts with cyberneticians and organizations for cybernetics in other countries. Further activities of the ASC are:

  • ASC Glossary on Cybernetics and Systems Theory[2]
  • Disciplinary Matrices in Cybernetics and Systems Science[3]
  • Wiener and McCulloch awards

The American Society for Cybernetics was founded in 1964 in Washington, DC to encourage new developments in cybernetics as an interdisciplinary field with Warren McCulloch as first elected president of the ASC.[4] In the 1980s ASC became a member of the International Federation for Systems Research, and begin 1990s supported the Principia Cybernetica Project. Since 1995 the home office for the ASC is located at the George Washington University.

The ASC has been maintaining an editorial column in the interdisciplinary Cybernetics and Human Knowing Journal since its first issue in 1992. Rodney Donaldson was the first ASC president to write for the column.


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Wiener and McCulloch awardsEdit

The "Wiener Medal in Cybernetics" is an annual award by the American Society for Cybernetics in recognition of outstanding achievements or contributions in the field of cybernetics.[5] Since 2005 the award has been redefined to recognize achievements and contributions from younger scholars and researchers working in cybernetics or with applications of cybernetics.[5] Recipients of the Wiener and McCulloch awards:


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