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The American Movie Awards honor excellence in film and screenwriting. The first two ceremonies occurred in 1980 & 1982,[1] with winners including Meryl Streep, Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, and Steven Spielberg. The event relaunched in 2013 with a focus on independent film.[2]




  • Grand Jury Prize: Intersection (Directed by Tim French)
  • Special Marquee Award: Along The River (Directed by Daniele Nicolosi)
  • Special Marquee Award: Shelter in the City (Directed by Terence Donnellan)
  • Narrative Feature: American Bred (Directed by Justin Chambers)
  • Narrative Short: Bound for Greatness (Directed by Jimmy Gadd)
  • Documentary Feature: The No Hand King (Directed by Patrick Shanahan)
  • Documentary Short: Reinventing the Reel (Directed by Michael J. Gorlick)
  • Animated Film: September Sketch Book (Directed by Ronnie Cramer)
  • Foreign Film: The Stranger (Directed by Olivier Polia)
  • Student Film: You Can Play (Directed by Anders Helde)
  • Experimental Film: Echoes of Time (Directed by Ema Kugler)
  • Film Directing: Land of Smiles (Directed by Bradley Stryker)
  • First-Time Director: Tears Of Ghost (Directed by Natasha Dematra)
  • Music Video: Stiff Arm (Directed by R. Carey)
  • Cinematography: The Circle Park (Directed by Samuel Lancaster)
  • Editing: The Words Hear the Light (Directed by Diego Fiori & Olga Pohankova)
  • Production Design / Art Direction: Pressure-Man (Directed by Kai Kuei-Chieh Hsu)
  • Produced Screenplay: East of Hollywood (Directed by Chris Caccioppoli)
  • TV Pilot: Lilac (Directed by Hank Isaac)
  • Trailer: The Plague Doctor (Directed by Emanuele Mengotti)
  • Best Actor: Alex Kruz in The Promise (Directed by Alex Leu)
  • Best Actress: Constance Ejuma in Ben and Ara (Directed by Nnegest Likke)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Harry Lennix in Timeless (Directed by Alexander Tuschinski)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Polly Mckie in One Second Changes Everything (Directed by Cristhian Andrews)


  • Grand Jury Prize: Poison in the Water (Directed by Romeo Candido)
  • Special Marquee Award: Pasquale's Magic Veal (Directed by D.J. Higgins)
  • Special Marquee Award: The Children of the Noon ('Directed by Diego Fiori and Olga Pohankova)
  • Narrative Feature: The Last Beautiful Girl (Directed by James Christopher)
  • Narrative Short: Me3 (Directed by Jason Baumgardner)
  • Documentary Feature: Nanny Culture (Directed by Paul James Driscoll)
  • Documentary Short: Do You Like Peacocks? (Directed by Mary Clay Fields)
  • Animated Film: Schirkoa (Directed by Ishan Shukla)
  • Foreign Film: Too Much Stress From My Heart (Directed by Ludovica Lirosi)
  • Student Film: Endurance (Directed by Jimmy Carter)
  • Sci-Fi Film: Capsule (Directed by Andrew Martin)
  • Experimental Film: The Martian VR Experience (Directed by Robert Stromberg)
  • Film Directing: Love 2.0
  • First-Time Director: Heart: Flatline to Finish Line (Directed by David Watkins)
  • Music Video: Bobgoblin "Danger" (Directed by Hop Litzwire)
  • Cinematography: My Last Concert (Directed by Selcuk Cara)
  • Editing: Death in a Day (Directed by Lin Wang)
  • TV Pilot: Shoot Me Nicely (Directed by Elias Plagianos)
  • Trailer: Immune (Directed by Dustin Prince)
  • Best Actor: Kim Sønderholm in Run (Directed by Cato ML Ekrene)
  • Best Actress: Monica Calhoun in Eveything But A Man (Directed by Nnegest Likke)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Devone Jones in Pizza Shop (Directed by Devone Jones)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Anna Bauert in Horizon (Directed by Stephan Elliott)


  • Grand Jury Prize: We Are Stronger (Directed by Jake Allen)
  • Special Marquee Award: Chambers Gate (Directed by Charles Ross and Mukesh Asopa)
  • Special Marquee Award: Identification" (Directed by Julia Deak)
  • Narrative Feature: Redwood (Directed by Tom Paton)
  • Narrative Short: Requiem For a Shallow Heart (Directed by Nicholas Zebrun)
  • Documentary Feature: Forged in Fire - Cricket's Greatest Rivalry (Directed by Peter Dickson)
  • Animated Film: We Are Friends (Directed by Charles Mandracchia)
  • Drama Film: Once More (Directed by Rachel Zhou)
  • Student Film: The Audition (Directed by Andrew Kim)
  • Sci-Fi Film: Anamnesis (Directed by Priit Pohjala)
  • Experimental Film: Little Darling (Directed by Michael Oshins)
  • Film Directing: Teleios (Directed by Ian Truitner)
  • First-Time Director: The Meanest Man in Texas (Directed by Justin Ward)
  • Music Video: Dance into the Party (Directed by Wayne Isham)
  • Cinematography: On the Road (Directed by Bartosz Nowacki)
  • Editing: Just Within Reach (Directed by Anna Bamberger)
  • TV Pilot: Tell the World: Ep 2 (Directed by Kyle Portbury)
  • Trailer: Searching For Paradise (Directed by Chris Young and Chloe Bellande)
  • Best Actor: Bramwell Noah in I, Timon (Directed by Dan and Bramwell Noah)
  • Best Actress: Sonia Conlin in Kindhard (Directed by Matthew Soule)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Edward Darling in Emmott & Rowland (Directed by Aneel Ahmad)


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