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Season Two of America's Got Talent, an American talent show competition, began broadcasting in the United States during 2007, from June 5 to August 21. The success of the first season led to NBC commissioning a second season, with production staff making changes to the format that involved the inclusion of a "bootcamp" stage of auditions and establishing the more common format for the judges' buzzers as found across the Got Talent franchise. Although it was intended to debut in January 2007, the network decided to focus the program for its Summer 2007 schedule, and thus allocated the slot to another program.[1]

America's Got Talent
Season 2
Broadcast fromJune 5 –
August 21, 2007
JudgesPiers Morgan
Sharon Osbourne
David Hasselhoff
Host(s)Jerry Springer
WebsiteOfficial website
Terry Fator
Terry Fator 03.jpg
Terry Fator with his character Julius.
OriginMesquite, Texas
Cas Haley

While Piers Morgan and David Hasselhoff returned as judges, Regis Philbin did not return for the new season as host, and was replaced by tabloid talk show host Jerry Springer,[2] while Brandy Norwood was unable to return due to an ongoing lawsuit against her at the time,[3][4] and was replaced by Sharon Osbourne as a result.[5] The second season was won by singing ventriloquist and impressionist Terry Fator, with singer and guitarist Cas Haley finishing in second place, and singing beatboxer Butterscotch placing third.


Season OverviewEdit

Both Jerry Springer and Sharon Osbourne were chosen as replacements for their respective roles by production staff prior to work beginning on the second season.

Following the success of the first season, NBC opted to commission a second season of the program, though with every intention of allocating the new season to its Winter 2007 schedule and without separate episodes for voting results. However, such a decision had the potential of putting America's Got Talent in competition with sixth season of American Idol, which was set to broadcast from mid-January through to May, which led the network to re-consider the broadcast scheduling of the program to later that year; the slot itself was handed over to another talent show of NBC's - Grease: You're The One That I Want.[6] Auditions took place during Spring of 2007, with groups of participants performing at locations within New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, as had been done in the previous season, but with the inclusion of auditions being checked over within Dallas for this season.

Production staff made a number of changes to the program's format:

  • The buzzers now functioned in the standard format used within all editions of the Got Talent franchise, in that they could stop a performance, although the act would be given a little time to continue before eventually having to stop.
  • The live episodes consisted of only two semi-finals for this season, while the Final consisted of three separate rounds.
  • More than two acts could advance past the semi-finals, due to the number involved in this season.
  • Judges could not vote for an act to move on to the next stage - only the public could vote on who would advance further in the competition.
  • Wildcard acts were dropped for this season.
  • Results of the live episode performances were announced one week later; most were usually announced during the next live round.

Alongside the changes, the second season saw the introduction of a new element in the program's format in the form of a "bootcamp" stage entitled "Las Vegas Callbacks". Unlike the previous season, where participants that had passed the main auditions then had to undergo a second performance to secure a place in the semi-finals, participants who passed their auditions attended a Las Vegas boot camp to perfect their craft, before competing against each other through two rounds - any that passed both rounds by gaining the judges' approval for their act would secure a place in the semi-finals. The judges are required to view a three minute performance by each participant(s) and could not terminate the act at any time while it was undergoing before them, with all those in this stage divided into two categories of groups - music and variety.

Of the participants who auditioned for this season, 20 secured a place in the live semi-finals, with 10 in each, and of these acts competing in the first Final, eight in the second, and four in the grand final. The following below lists the results of each participant's overall performance in this season:

  Winner |   Runner-up |   Third place
  Finalist |   Semi-finalist (eliminated)
Participant Genre Act Semi-final Result
Boy Britney Dance Dancing Impersonator 2 Eliminated
Butterscotch Singing Singing Beatboxer 1 Third Place
Cas Haley Singing / Music Singing Guitarist 2 Runner-up
Jason Pritchett Singing / Music Singing Guitarist 2 Top 8 Finalist
Jonny Come Lately Music Rockabilly Band 1 Eliminated
Johnny Lonestar Variety Western Arts Performer 1 Eliminated
Julienne Irwin Singing Singer 1 Grand-finalist
Kashif Dance Dancer 1 Eliminated
Kevin James Magic Magician 1 Eliminated
Manuel Romero Singing Singer 1 Eliminated
Popovich Comedy Pet Theater Comedy / Animal Comic Animal Act 2 Eliminated
Robert Hatcher Singing Singer 1 Top 8 Finalist
Sideswipe Variety / Dance Martial Arts Dance Group 1 Top 8 Finalist
Southern Girl Singing Vocal Group 2 Eliminated
Terry Fator Comedy / Singing Singing Impressionist & Ventriloquist 2 Winner
The Calypso Tumblers Acrobatics Tumbler Acrobatic Group 2 Top 10 Finalist
The Duttons Music Family Country Band 2 Top 10 Finalist
The Fault Line Singing / Music Rock Vocal Group 2 Eliminated
The Glamazons Singing / Variety Burlesque Vocal Group 1 Top 8 Finalist
The 2nd Story Guys Dance / Variety Stilt Dance Group 2 Eliminated

Semi-final SummaryEdit

  Buzzed |   Advanced

Semi-final 1 (July 17)Edit

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Result
(July 24)
Hasselhoff Osbourne Morgan
Johnny Lonestar 1 Western Arts Performer   Eliminated
Julienne Irwin 2 Singer Advanced
Kevin James 3 Magician Eliminated
Robert Hatcher 4 Singer Advanced
Jonny Come Lately 5 Rockabilly Band   Eliminated
Kashif 6 Dancer   Eliminated
Butterscotch 7 Singing Beatboxer Advanced
Sideswipe 8 Martial Arts Dance Group     Advanced
Manuel Romero 9 Singer Eliminated
The Glamazons 10 Burlesque Vocal Group Advanced

Semi-final 2 (July 24)Edit

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Result
(July 31)
Hasselhoff Osbourne Morgan
The 2nd Story Guys 1 Stilt Dance Group Eliminated
Southern Girl 2 Vocal Group Eliminated
Popovich Comedy Pet Theater 3 Comic Animal Act   Eliminated
Cas Haley 4 Singing Guitarist Advanced
Terry Fator 5 Singing Impressionist & Ventriloquist Advanced
The Fault Line 6 Rock Vocal Group Eliminated
Boy Britney 7 Dancing Impersonator 1 Eliminated
Jason Pritchett 8 Singing Guitarist Advanced
The Calypso Tumblers 9 Tumbler Acrobatic Group Advanced
The Duttons 10 Family Country Band   Advanced
  • ^1 Hasselhoff jokingly pressed his buzzer after Boy Britney's performance. It was not counted against the semi-finalist.

Finals SummaryEdit

  Buzzed (Top 10 & 8 Finals only)
  Winner (Top 4 Final Only) |   Runner-up (Top 4 Final Only) |   3rd place (Top 4 Final Only)
  Advanced (Top 10 & 8 Finals only) |   Eliminated

Top 10 Final (July 31)Edit

Top 10 Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Result
(August 7)
Hasselhoff Osbourne Morgan
The Duttons 1 Family Country Band   Eliminated
Robert Hatcher 2 Singer Advanced
The Calypso Tumblers 3 Tumbler Acrobatic Group Eliminated
Jason Pritchett 4 Singing Guitarist Advanced
Butterscotch 5 Singing Beatboxer Advanced
The Glamazons 6 Burlesque Vocal Group Advanced
Cas Haley 7 Singing Guitarist Advanced
Terry Fator 8 Singing Impressionist & Ventriloquist Advanced
Julienne Irwin 9 Singer Advanced
Sideswipe 10 Martial Arts Dance Group   Advanced

Top 8 Final (August 7)Edit

Top 8 Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Result
(August 14)
Hasselhoff Osbourne Morgan
Robert Hatcher 1 Singer Eliminated
Julienne Irwin 2 Singer Advanced
Terry Fator 3 Singing Impressionist & Ventriloquist Advanced
Cas Haley 4 Singing Guitarist Advanced
Jason Pritchett 5 Singing Guitarist   Eliminated
The Glamazons 6 Burlesque Vocal Group Eliminated
Butterscotch 7 Singing Beatboxer Advanced
Sideswipe 8 Martial Arts Dance Group Eliminated

Top 4 Final (August 14)Edit

Grand-finalist Order Act Result
(August 21)
Cas Haley 1 Singing Guitarist 2nd
Butterscotch 2 Singing Beatboxer 3rd
Terry Fator 3 Singing Impressionist & Ventriloquist 1st
Julienne Irwin 4 Singer 4th


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