America's Cup Hall of Fame

The America's Cup Hall of Fame, located at the Herreshoff Marine Museum of Bristol, Rhode Island, USA, honors individuals for outstanding achievement in the America's Cup sailing competition. Candidates eligible for consideration include skippers, afterguard, crew, designers, builders, organizers, syndicate managers, supporters, chroniclers, race managers, and other individuals of merit.[1] A selection committee of twenty-two members consisting of former America's Cup participants, yachting historians, and yachting journalists annually selects a class of one to four inductees. Rolex, Louis Vuitton, and Prada have been sponsors of the Hall of Fame's induction ceremonies.

The Hall of Fame's museum, a division of the Herreshoff Marine Museum, features plaques of the inductees and permanent and temporary exhibitions of artifacts related to the America's Cup.[2] The museum's library contains one of the largest collections of manuscripts and books related to the America's Cup and yachting history.


Halsey C. Herreshoff, former president of the Herreshoff Marine Museum and three-time America's Cup winner, founded the Hall of Fame in 1992.[3] In the following year, on September 18, eighteen "charter" inductees were honored at the Herreshoff Marine Museum. Since then, over ninety inductees have joined the Hall of Fame.

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  •  Ken McAlpine
  •  Henry Racamier
  •  William H. Dyer Jones
  •  William T. Trenkle

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