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AmerTek Industries is a fictional corporation in the DC Comics Universe. They first appeared in Steel #1 (February 1994).

AmerTek Industries
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceSteel #1 (February 1994)
In-story information
Type of businessMilitary industrial firm

Fictional historyEdit

AmerTek Industries is a military industrial firm that employed engineer Dr. John Henry Irons. Irons is the engineer that developed the BG-60, a powerful man-portable energy cannon, which is sold to urban arms dealers by AmerTek. When Irons learns that his invention has been used for evil purposes, he destroys the blueprints, quits AmerTek, and starts his own business, Iron Works. At Iron Works, Irons designs and builds a prototype of the armor that will eventually become the "Steel" armor. AmerTek spies steal the blueprints and use them to create their own knockoffs. In their actions, they purposefully target civilians, namely John's family.

After adopting the persona of "Steel", Irons discovers upgraded versions of the BG-60, now called "Toastmasters", are being sold to the gangs of Metropolis. Steel personally witnesses their destructive power: one solid hit reduces the victim to a burnt corpse. Steel discovers part of the distribution chain is run by an old colleague at AmerTek, whose now an arms dealer going by the alias White Rabbit.

Amertek's influence had further results, such as when Toastmasters were used to attack innocent law enforcement personnel.[1]

Steel eventually relocates with his family to Washington, D.C., AmerTek does not let up, sending men to attack him, while Toastmasters begin appearing on the streets of his new home. Steel reforges his armor and begins the battle anew.[2]

Steel eventually takes down the gangs and AmerTek. He then focuses on the company's old partners, a group called "Black Ops". They are led by the villain Hazard. In the same issue, it is revealed AmerTek is headed by Colonel Thomas Weston.[3] Weston and his soldiers would plague Steel for a while longer.[4]

In other mediaEdit


  • In Arrow, AmerTek Industries was first mentioned in "Sara" as an oil and gas company. The AmerTek logo appears on a bomb in the episode "Unchained". In the episode, "The Recruits", Mayor Oliver Queen has AmerTek help cover the expenses for a free medical clinical event that he organized. While the company was hesitant due to the potential violence at the event, Oliver offered to indemnify AmerTek and hire extra security. Later, it's revealed that, due to the company's stock prices plummeting because of the connections to the destruction of Havenrock which resulted in the creation of the hero Ragman, the CEO Janet Carroll has been selling weapons to the crime lord, Tobias Church. In season six episode, "Thanksgiving", Cayden James and Black Siren make a burglary in the company to steal polymer explosive and combine it with another stolen weapon, nanotermite, to create a thermobaric bomb and put it in Starling stadium, but this was a decoy so that Cayden James have a chance to meet and despise Green Arrow for apparent murder to his son, Owen Post.
  • In The Flash, AmerTek was mentioned in "Family of Rogues" as the producer of a Phase 3 suppression door to keep the Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond at the Central City Museum. In "Goldfaced", the Toastmasters appear being sold on the black market; a disguised Barry Allen attempts to purchase all of them to prevent them from being misused, but is captured.
  • AmerTek appears in Supergirl in the fourth season as a company associated with Lex Luthor.

Video gamesEdit

  • AmerTek's branding is found on Deadshot's bullet shell in the trailer for the video game, Batman: Arkham Origins. The player can find several billboards around the city for AmerTek and the actual AmerTek plant in the Industrial District.[5]
  • In Batman: Arkham Knight, The Penguin has a weapons cache hidden inside the AmerTek Industries newest building in Gotham. As Penguin is the arms dealer for the various villainous contingents in Gotham, it can be assumed that AmerTek is the one who supplied the guns to Penguin to begin with. AmerTek also manufactures the tires of the vehicle used to kidnap Barbara Gordon.


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