Ameer Muhammad Khan Jogezai

Ameer Muhammad Khan Jogezai was nominated to become the Governor of Balochistan after the resignation of Muhammad Khan Achakzai. His nomination was consented by Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan only to be rescinded later on.[1]

Ameer Muhammad Khan Jogezai
NationalityPakistan Pakistani
RelativesSardar Gul Mohammad Khan Jogezai (brother)

A pediatrician by trade, he later declined the governorship due to investigation into allegations of embezzlement and misappropriation of funds,[2] but then clarified that his statement about declination was misrepresented, he just requested to delay the oath taking until embezzlement charges are investigated otherwise he is willing to accept the position.[3]

On 26 August 2018 prime minister's office rejected the news reports about his appointment as a governor of Balochistan.[4]

Early life and familyEdit

Jogezai was born on 1957 in Loralai District, Balochistan. He belongs to the Kakar clan, of whom the Jogezais are a sub-clan.[5]

He is the younger brother of former governor of Balochistan Sardar Gul Mohammad Khan Jogezai.[2]


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