Amedeus Alexander of Savoy

Amedeus Alexander of Savoy (5 October 1754 – 29 April 1755) was a Prince of Savoy by birth, son of the king of Sardinia Victor Amadeus III of Savoy and his wife Maria Antonietta of Spain (daughter of Philip V of Spain).[1]

Amedeus Alexander of Savoy
Prince of Savoy
Born(1754-10-05)5 October 1754
Royal Palace of Turin
Died29 April 1755(1755-04-29) (aged 0)
HouseHouse of Savoy
FatherVictor Amadeus III of Savoy
MotherMaria Antonietta of Spain


Born to the Duke and Duchess of Savoy at the Royal Palace of Turin, he was the couples fourth child. His sisters included the future "grand daughters in law" of Louis XV of France, Princess Maria Giuseppina, who married the future Louis XVIII of France in 1771 and Princess Maria Teresa, wife of the future Charles X of France, married in 1773. His sister's brother in law was Louis XVI of France. Another sister Maria Carolina married Anthony of Saxony.[2]

His brothers included the last three kings of Sardinia from the mainline; the future Charles Emmanuel IV, Victor Emmanuel I and Charles Felix of Sardinia.


Amedeus Alexander died on 29 April 1755, in Turin, at the age of six months. He was buried in the Basilica of Superga, traditional burial site of the House of Savoy.



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