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Amedei is an artisan chocolate manufacturing company located in Pontedera in the Tuscany region of Italy, considered to be one of the finest chocolate producers in the world.[1] Their products range from chocolate bars to truffles and pralines. Their award-winning[2] chocolate bars use single-origin and single varietal cocoa beans. One of their products, Amedei Porcelana, is known as the world's most expensive chocolate.[3][4][5][6][7] They obtain the cocoa from a Venezuelan region called Chuao; it has been awarded, with the Gold in the category Best Bean to Bar in 2005 and in 2006 by the Academy of Chocolate, although every year this association elects a new chocolate as the best one, being this only a one-year lasting award.[8] Amedei chocolate is also used in making the most expensive cupcake, the Golden Phoenix, which is made by Bloomsbury's, a boutique cafe in Dubai.[9]

TypePrivately held company
IndustryChocolate production
Founded1990; 31 years ago (1990)
FounderCecilia Tessieri
Area served
Revenue€ 3344797 (2013)
Number of employees

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