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Amdocs (Hebrew: אמדוקס‎) is a multinational corporation that was founded in Israel and currently headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, with support and development centers located worldwide. The company specializes in software and services for communications, media and financial services providers and digital enterprises.

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ISINGB0022569080 Edit this on Wikidata
Industrycommunication Edit this on Wikidata
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FoundedAurec Information & Directory Systems (today known as Amdocs), Israel (1982)[1]
FounderMorris Kahn, Boaz Dotan
RevenueIncreaseUS$3.97 billion (FY 2018)[2]
Number of employees


The company was founded in 1982 in Israel as an offshoot of Golden Pages, the Israeli phone directory company, which was owned by the Aurec Group headed by Morris Kahn.[3] Together with others at Golden Pages, Kahn developed a billing software program for phone directory companies and with Boaz Dotan established a company called Aurec Information & Directory Systems to market this product.[4][5] In 1985, Southwestern Bell Corporation acquired a 50 percent ownership share of Aurec Information & Directory Systems, and its name was changed to Amdocs. Within two years, the Aurec Group sold off all its holdings in Amdocs for almost US$1 billion.[4]

Between 1990 and 1995 Amdocs took its initial diversification steps, expanding first into the wireline telephony arena and then the mobile space. Over the years, Amdocs has continued to expand its product and services offerings. The company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in June 1998, moving to the NASDAQ Global Select Market in 2014.[4]

On September 7, 2016 Amdocs launched Amdocs Optima, a new division geared towards providing its customer care solution for digital enterprises with less than 10 million subscribers and MVNOs/MVNEs.[6]

CEO Timeline

  • In 1982, Boaz Dotan became Amdocs' first President and CEO
  • In 1995, Avi Naor replaced Boaz Dotan as President and CEO of Amdocs
  • In 2002, Dov Baharav replaced Avi Naor as Amdocs' President and CEO.[7]
  • In November 2010, Eli Gelman replaced Dov Baharav as Amdocs' President and CEO.[8]
  • In October 2018, Shuky Sheffer replaced Eli Gelman as Amdocs' President and CEO.


Amdocs' broad access to U.S. telephone transaction records has raised counterintelligence concerns in the U.S. government about the vulnerability of this information to exploitation by Israeli spies.[9][10][11] "As early as 1999, the National Security Agency issued a warning that records of U.S. government telephone calls were ending up in foreign hands – Israel's, in particular."[12]

In early 2000, federal agencies conducted a counterintelligence investigation to determine if Amdocs was being used by Israel to eavesdrop on U.S. government communications. The investigation found no evidence of such activity.[13]

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