Ambatolampy is a city (commune urbaine) in the Vakinankaratra Region, situated in the Central Highlands of Madagascar. It had a population of about 28,500 in 2013.[1]

Ambatolampy skyline
Ambatolampy skyline
Map of Antananarivo Province showing the location of Ambatolampy
Map of Antananarivo Province showing the location of Ambatolampy
Ambatolampy is located in Madagascar
Location in Madagascar
Coordinates: 19°23′10″S 47°25′45″E / 19.38611°S 47.42917°E / -19.38611; 47.42917Coordinates: 19°23′10″S 47°25′45″E / 19.38611°S 47.42917°E / -19.38611; 47.42917
Country Madagascar
1,644 m (5,394 ft)
 • Total28,500
Postal code
Zebu market in Ambatolampy

It is the administrative capital of the district of the same name, and is situated on Route nationale No. 7 which runs from Antananarivo to Toliara. Ambatolampy is a railway station on the Antananarivo - Antsirabe line. It is situated at 70 km South from the capital Antananarivo.

A species of gecko, Lygodactylus tolampyae, may be named after Ambatolampy.[2]


Ambatolampy is known for its Aluminium founderies. Most of aluminium kitchen utensils in Madagascar are produced in this town. The founderies also work with copper and bronze.[3]


In Ambatolampy is found the Butterfly museum (Musée des Papillons).[4] The museum exhibits 6000 species of insects and butterflies.


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