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AmazonFresh is a subsidiary of the American e-commerce company in Seattle, Washington. It is a grocery delivery service currently available in some U.S. states, London, Tokyo, and Berlin.


History and business modelEdit

An Amazon Fresh delivery truck on the streets of Seattle
Amazon Fresh Truck

AmazonFresh has rolled out its services gradually, targeting specific parts of various metropolitan areas and partnering with local speciality stores for delivery of local items. (The website allows users to check availability by ZIP code.)

In March 2017, Amazon announced AmazonFresh Pickup, a drive-in-type grocery store for Amazon Prime subscribers, launching in beta on March 29.[1] It's a delivery service that lets users shop online, reserve a time to pick up the groceries and have them loaded into their car at the store.[2]

In July 2017, it was reported that Amazon Fresh was selling meal kits.[3]

Product linesEdit

AmazonFresh offers grocery items for sale, as well as a subset of items from the main storefront. Items ordered through AmazonFresh are available for home delivery on the same day or the next day, depending on the time of the order and the availability of trucks. Examples of grocery items for sale are pre-cooked turkeys, pumpkin pie, and wine.[4]

As of the 11th October 2017, AmazonFresh sell a range of Booths branded products for home delivery in selected areas.[5]

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