Amay Gyan

Amay Gyan (Burmese: အမေဂျမ်း,also known as Ma Chan Thar) is a prominent Burmese nat (spiritual being). She is one of the five mother nats of Burma. The festival of Amay Gyan is held on June 17–18 of each year at Aye Kyi Kone Village near the Yangon-Mandalay Highway of Mileage mark 347, Tada-U Township, Mandalay Region.[1][2][3]

Amay Gyan
Amay Gyan statue in the Shwezigon Pagoda
Ma Chan Thar

Other namesMa Gyan
Known forAmay Gyan Nat
Notable work
Burmese Nat


Ma Chan Thar (Amay Gyan) was born in Shwedaung Village and married with Nga Tat Pyar, the legendary thief who was like Robin Hood during Innwa era.[1]


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