Amarone (restaurant)

Amarone is a restaurant in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is a fine dining restaurant that is awarded one Michelin star in the period 2008–present.[1]

Amarone (Rotterdam).jpg
Amarone Restaurant (Rotterdam)
Restaurant information
EstablishedSeptember 2006
Head chefJan van Dobben
Food typeFrench with a touch of Japanese
Rating1 Michelin star Michelin Guide
Street addressMeent 72a
Postal/ZIP Code3011 JN
Seating capacity50
WebsiteOfficial website

The owner and Head chef of Amarone is Jan van Dobben. Chef van Dobben worked together with Gert Blom for 6 years. Mr. van Dobben became the co-owner of the restaurant in 2017.[2] 1 year later, in July 2018, he completely took over the restaurant from Mr Blom. [3] Chef van Dobben remained, together with his wife, Yoshiko Takayama-van Dobben, Restaurant-manager Jasper Verhagen and Sous-chef Yuri Wattimena, his Michelin-star in December 2018.

GaultMillau awarded the restaurant in 2019 with 15 out of 20 points.[4]

In 2019, Restaurant Amarone situated on the 60th place in the "Lekker 500" [5]

On August 22, 2019, Amarone had to close its doors after a major fire. There was a short circuit in a wall socket in the basement. After a renovation, the restaurant reopened on February 21, 2020.[6]

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