Amar de nuevo (TV series)

Amar de Nuevo (English: Love again) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo and Promofilm (Imagina US).

Amar de nuevo
Amar de Nuevo.jpg
Created byEnrique Torres
Written byMiguel Ángel Vega
Directed byMario Marenco
Creative directorAnabella Del Boca
Opening theme"Amar de nuevo" by Paty Garza
Country of originUnited States
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes110
Executive producerFeliciano Torres
  • Orlando Cabral
  • Enrique Torres
  • Martín Halac
CinematographyJorge Fernández
EditorMauricio Espejel
Camera setupMulti-camera
Production companyTelemundo Studios
Original networkTelemundo
Picture formatNTSC
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Preceded byAmarte así, Frijolito


The story begins one tragic day, when Frijolito was in a traffic accident with his best friend Palito and his parents, Salvador and Veronica.

Veronica's cousin, Bulmaro, had received orders from his boss, Max, to cause the accident. Max wanted revenge on Salvador, as he had hoped to get closer to Veronica. After that day, everything changed. Frijolito and Salvador were killed in the accident, Veronica was in a coma for two years and Palito was the care of his grandmother Lily.

Frijolito could hear Palito praying for his mother, Veronica, every day. Palito never doubted that one day she would recover. Frijolito's "boss" could also hear the prayers of Palito, and decided to send him as Palito's guardian angel. Though nobody believed that it was possible, Veronica woke up, proving that miracles do happen.

When Veronica came out of the coma, she was surprised to learn that the love of her life had died in the accident. She felt that she had a no reason to live, but her mother reminded her that she had a son who loved her deeply and that she should keep going for his sake.

Veronica decided to be strong for Palito, but she declared that she would never love again. It was then that Frijolito's "boss" decided to send him on a mission: find a new parent for Palito.

Román García del Solar was a perfect candidate. He was a good man who had also lost not only his wife, but his faith in love. His only reason for living were also his children, María Sol, Jorgito y Flor. The only obstacle is his sister-in-law Rosilda, the twin sister of his deceased wife, Laura. Rosilda is obsessed with winning the heart of her brother-in-law.

Both Roman and Veronica believe that they will never love again, but Frijolito will teach them that it is possible. They won't need magic to find each other; their hearts will serve as the guide.


Actor Character
Patricia Garza Veronica
Eduardo Rodriguez Roman
Alejandro Felipe Flores Frijolito
Jorge Eduardo García Palito
Jullye Giliberti Rosilda
Jose Luis Franco Máximo
María Antonieta de las Nieves Gardenia
Nicolas Mele Padre Leandro
Jaime Aymerich Memo
America Gabriel Azucena
Antonio de la Vega Bulmaro
Paola Toyos Luisina
Monica Busquir
Luis Xavier Severino
Magali Boysselle Brenda
Amara Villafuerte
Joanydka Mariel
Ricardo Silva
Rafael León
Javier Reyes Camilo
Tatiana del Real Maria Sol
Martha Navarro Justa
Gala Montes Rebeca
Briggitte Bozzo Flor
Armando Duran
Andres Zuno Lorenzo
Rogelio Frausto