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Amar Ujala is a Hindi-language daily newspaper published in India. It has 19 editions in seven states and one union territory covering 167 districts.[citation needed] It has a circulation of around two million copies.[2] The 2013 Indian Readership Survey reported that, with 5.510 million it had the 12th-largest daily readership amongst newspapers in India.[3]

Amar Ujala
Amar Ujala cover photo.jpg
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Publisher Amar Ujala Publications Ltd.
Language Hindi
Headquarters Amar Ujala, C-21, Sector-59, Noida-201301
Circulation 2,938,173 Daily[1] (as of Jul − Dec 2016)
Sister newspapers Amar Ujala Compact

Amar Ujala was founded in Agra in 1948.[citation needed] In 1994, Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala shared nearly 70 per cent of the Hindi newspaper readership in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Amar Ujala sold 4.5 lakh copies through its five editions.[4]

Amar Ujala publishes a 16- to 18-page issue daily and also supplements focusing on matters such as careers, lifestyle, entertainment and women.

In 2015 the newspaper's managing director, Rajul Maheshwari, announced in a press release that it was entering the "rural events and activation" market, saying that “Amar Ujala is not just a newspaper. It is also a change agent." The intention is to hold short events in several towns that would bring together significant participants in the local rural economy with larger agriculture-based service businesses and government agencies.[5]



Amar Ujala has 19 editions, in 7 states (Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh , Jammu, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh) and 1 union territory (Chandigarh) covering 179 districts.

It is also available online.[6]

Amar Ujala Hindi News AppsEdit

Amar Ujala launched it's Hindi News Apps on two different platforms i.e. Android, and iPhone. Where you can find daily Hindi news very easily.

Stay with Amar Ujala App to updates from all-day hindi news.

  • Available at Android[7] and iOS[8]
  • Read the news of 119+ cities and 8 states
  • Watch live news bulletins and other interesting programs at Amar Ujala Live TV[9]

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