Amantes del desierto

Amantes del Desierto (Desert Lovers), is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo, RTI Colombia and Caracol Television. This limited-run series ran for 121 episodes from March 19, 2001 to September 4, 2001.

Amantes del desierto
Amantes del Desierto Poster.jpg
GenreRomance - Action, Drama
Created byJulio Jimenez
Developed byTelemundo
RTI Colombia
Caracol Television
StarringMaritza Rodríguez
Francisco Gattorno
Catherine Siachoque
Theme music composerMiguel de Narváez
Opening theme'Dos Corazones, Dos Historias' performed by Julio Iglesias
Alejandro Fernández
Ending theme'Dos Corazones, Dos Historias' performed by Julio Iglesias
Alejandro Fernández
Country of originUnited States
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes121
Executive producersArnaldo Limansky
Hugo León Ferrer
ProducersAndrés Santamaría
Lucero Venegas
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time42-45 minutes
Original networkTelemundo
Caracol Televisión
Picture formatNTSC
Original releaseMarch 19 (2001-03-19) –
September 4, 2001 (2001-09-04)


A man and a woman who love each other have to confront the world, in order to defend their feelings. Andrés Bustamante has been sentenced to twelve years in the gloomy cliff jail. Colonel Miguel Santana's daughter Barbara helps him escape from jail and takes him to the arid desert to hide. They are chased by Miguel Santana who makes them go through many dangerous adventures in search for freedom.

Desert Lovers is a passionate and adventurous love story that takes place between the 1950s and 1960s. It is starred by Andrés Bustamante, a young, modest doctor, and Bárbara Santana, a woman who was born in a time when very conservative ideas ruled society.


Main castEdit

Actor Character Known as
Maritza Rodríguez Bárbara Santana Main heroine, stepdaughter of Miguel & Esther & Camila real sister. Wife of Andres. Andrea Bustamante Santana’s mother.
Francisco Gattorno Andres Bustamante Main hero, husband of Barbara. Andrea Bustamante Santana’s father.
Catherine Siachoque Micaela Fernández Main villain, Alias, ex-housekeeper, ex-wife of Miguel, later killed by Miguel Santana.
Roberto Escobar Miguel Santana Colonel of prison "Faralion", stepfather of Bárbara
Ana Soler Esther de Santana Ex-wife of Miguel, Bárbara's mother, is killed by Micaela
Edgardo Román Idelfonso Cubillos Leutenante in prison "Faralion", villain, gets killed by prisoners
Juan Pablo Shuk Bruno Salegui Lover of Micaela, villain, is killed by Micaela
Rolando Tarajano Santos Libardo / Satanás prisoner of Cliff jail, brother of Andres
Helios Fernández Padre Morán Priest of the Farallon prison
Carlos Barbosa Francisco de Paula "Pancho" Fonseca Husband of Bertha
Maria Cristina Gálvez Bertha de Fonseca Wife of Pacho
Ricardo González Tomás "Tomasito" Fonseca Son of Pacho and Bertha
Agmeth Escaf Javier Negrete son of Rafael Negrete, Bárbara's 2nd boyfriend
Víctor Cifuentes Abelardo Mejía Leutenante in prison "Faralion", Griselda's husband
Ivette Zamora Griselda Bárbara's maid and friend
Margálida Castro Magdalena Libardo ‘Tania’ mother of Santos
Roberto Mateos Alejandro García Barbara's doctor, in love with her
Andrea López Camila Santana Agustín's daughter, Bárbara's real sister
Santiago Bejarano Agustín Santana brother of Miguel, real father of Bárbara
Roxana Montoya Andrea Bustamante Santana daughter of Andres and Bárbara
Leonor Arango Elena Bustamante mother of Andres, gets killed at the operation by Cubillos
Raúl Gutiérrez Sergio Góngora Rafael's real killer, Javier's lawyer, villain
Patricia Tamayo Isabel in love with Javier
Maria Luisa Rey Maria Gracia in love with Santos
Alexander Paez Piraña "prisoner of "Faralion", friend of Andres, gets killed at the operation by Cubillos
Lucy Martínez Nemesia Barbara's helper witch
Carolina González Filomena lover of Tomasito
Carlos Hurtado Toño owner of the bar in the village Esmeralda
Liliana González Josefina wife of Toño, in love with Javier
Sandra Pérez Trinidad member of Bruno's gang, gets killed by Cubillos
Alberto León Jaramillo Jalil owner of the moving circus
Júlio del Mar Aurelio León General of Cliff jail
Fernando Corredor Guillermo Muñoz Procuror, Sergio's accomplice, villain, gets killed by Micaela
German Rojas Damian Fabre Painter
Martha Suárez Jamaica Micaela's maid and her accomplice, witch
Guilied López Lucía Blind, in love with Luis Felipe, Idelfonso's love interes
Orlando Pardo Luis Felipe Doctor, in love with Lucía, friend of Alejandro
Xiomara Segura Barbie Santos' girlfriend, gets killed by Cubillos
Paola Díaz Sabrina Montenegro workwoman of Khalil, Tomasito's lover
Vilma Vera Gertrudis sister in chapel
Julio Echeverri Inspector Agustín's friend
Luís Fernando Ardilla Pinocho
Julio Cesar Pachón Tijeres "prisoner of "Faralion", friend of Santos
Néstor Alfonso Rojas El Pulgarcito in love with Filomena, workman of Fonseca's mine
Olga Cecilia Mendoza Rita
Jose Cardeño Joaquín
Claudia Rocio Mora Nelly Micaela's accomplice nurse
Carlos Zerrato El Ratón prisoner of Cliff jail, Lucia's brother
Alejandro Tamayo a driver, gets killed by Micaela

International BroadcastingEdit

Country Alternate title/Translation TV network(s) Series premiere Series finale Weekly schedule Timeslot
  Azerbaijan Səhrada Məhəbbət ANS TV 2002 2002 Monday to Friday 19:00
  Bulgaria Любов в пустинята bTV 2001 2002 Monday to Friday 11:00
  Georgia სიყვარული უდაბნოში Imedi Media Holding 2003 2004 Monday to Friday 18:00
  Serbia Pustinjski ljubavnici TV Košava 2002 2002 Monday to Friday 19:00
  Bosnia and Herzegovina Pustinjski ljubavnici RTV USK 2003 2004 Monday to Friday 19:00
  Morocco الحب في الصحراء 2M TV 2003 2004 Saturday to Wednesday 18:00
  Somaliland Jacaylkii Lama-degaanka Horn Cable Television 2007 2008 Saturday to Wednesday 19:00

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