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Amandil is a fictional character from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium. Amandil was a Lord of Andúnië, succeeding his father Númendil upon his death. Amandil is most noted for being the father of Elendil, founder of the Númenórean Realms in Exile.

Tolkien character
AliasesLast Lord of Andúnië
RaceMan (Middle-earth)
Book(s)The Silmarillion,
The Return of the King,
Unfinished Tales

The name Amandil is Quenya for "Friend of Aman" signifying his devotion to the Valar in defiance to the policies of the King's Men. He was also the leader of the faction of Elendili ("Elf-friends"), or the Faithful, who endured persecution from the King's Men.

In his youth Amandil was a great friend of Ar-Pharazôn, the last king of Númenor. Amandil was also famed across Númenor for being a great sea-captain in the days of Númendil. Later, Amandil became influential in the Númenórean council. However, when Ar-Pharazôn brought the conquered Sauron from Middle-earth, his friendship with Amandil withered, and Amandil was soon dismissed from the Council and retired to Rómenna.

As time passed, Ar-Pharazôn began persecuting the Faithful more vigorously. Amandil himself was relatively safe, however, on account of his noble ancestry and the respect he had among the populace from his days as a ship captain.

Ar-Pharazôn eventually began planning the Great Armament with which he intended to challenge the Valar for control of the Undying Lands. Amandil was one of those who got wind of the plan. He urged his son Elendil not to interfere in the upcoming war, but to expect, and prepare for, a forced departure from the island. He himself decided to set sail for Valinor, there to plead with the Valar for forgiveness and mercy for the Númenórean people, since at least a few had remained faithful.

Amandil, to hide what he was doing, set sail east, and later turned west towards Tol Eressëa, taking with him three servants. Neither he, nor his servants, were ever heard from again. On his advice, his son Elendil and his grandsons, Isildur and Anárion, who had readied nine ships laden with goods, later escaped the cataclysmic destruction of Númenor and made their way to Middle-earth to establish the Dúnedain kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor.

Whether Amandil's voyage was successful is unknown, but soon after the downfall of Númenor a great wave carried Elendil's ships safely to Middle-earth, sparing them from Eru's wrath.

Cadet branch of the House of Elros
Born: ca. 3029 Second Age Died: 3316 Second Age[1]
Titles of nobility
Preceded by
Lord of Andúnië
S.A. 3229 –S.A. 3316
Succeeded by
Court offices
Preceded by
Counsellor of the King
S.A. 3229 –S.A. 3310
Succeeded by


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