Amadeus VII, Count of Savoy

Amadeus VII (24 February 1360 – 1 November 1391),[1] known as the Red Count, was Count of Savoy from 1383 to 1391.[2]

Amadeus VII
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Coin of Amadeus VII
Count of Savoy
Reign1383 - 1391
PredecessorAmadeus VI
SuccessorAmadeus VIII
Born24 February 1360
Died1 November 1391(1391-11-01) (aged 31)
SpouseBonne of Berry
IssueAmadeus VIII
FatherAmadeus VI of Savoy
MotherBonne of Bourbon


Amadeus was born in Chambéry on 24 February 1360, the son of Count Amadeus VI of Savoy and Bonne of Bourbon.[1] Although he succeeded his father in 1383, he had to share power with his mother.[1] In 1384, in order to suppress a revolt against his relative Edward of Savoy, Bishop of Sion, Amadeus led an army that attacked and pillaged Sion.[1] In 1388, he acquired territories in eastern Provence and the port city of Nice, thus giving the County of Savoy access to the Mediterranean Sea.[1]

Amadeus died from tetanus[3] on 1 November 1391, as a result of a hunting accident.[1] Upon his death, controversy arose because of his will. Amadeus left the important role of guardian of his son and heir, Amadeus VIII, to his own mother, a sister of the powerful Duke de Bourbon, instead of following the tradition of appointing the child's mother, who was a daughter of the equally powerful Duke de Berry.[4] Due to the dispute between his mother and his wife, rumors that Amadeus had been poisoned emerged soon after his death.[1] It took three months of negotiations to restore peace in the family.[4]

Amadeus was known for his hospitality, for he would entertain people of all stations and never turned a person from his table without a meal.[5]

Marriage and childrenEdit

Amadeus married Bonne of Berry, daughter of John, Duke of Berry, who was the younger brother of King Charles V of France.[6] They had three children:


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Amadeus VII, Count of Savoy
Born: 1360 Died: 1 November 1391
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