Alwand River

The Alwand or Halwan River (Arabic: نهر حلوان‎, Kurdish: Çemê Elwen ,چەم ئەڵوەن‎, Persian: رود الوند‎) is a river in eastern Iraq and western Iran. It rises in the Zagros Mountains in Iran.[1]

Alwand River in Khanaqin at night with the historical Alwand Bridge on top of it

The river flows west from the mountains to the city of Qasr-e Shirin, where it turns south and crosses the border with Iraq. It then divides the city of Khanaqin in two parts. It has played a significant role in land cultivation and in establishment of a strong rural society in the area, and is considered by the people of Khanaqin as a symbol for their unity and Kurdish identity.

The river joins the Diyala River at Zengabadh.[1]


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