Alto de la Alianza


The Alto de la Alianza is a historical monument and landmark in the south of Peru, near the city of Tacna, where a crucial battle on May 26, 1880, took place. Bolivian forces in alliance with Peruvian forces battled against the Chilean Army, finally Bolivians retreating to the highlands, and Peruvians forced north, losing strongholds in Arica and Tacna. It is considered a day of regional holiday in Tacna, remembering the day when many Peruvians and Bolivians died defending their country. That day begun a period called 'the captivity of Tacna' that lasted 50 years.


The monument was created to honor the combatants of the war.


There is a museum located northeast of Intiorko Hill on the location of the battlefield. We can see weapons of the time, guns, sabers, military uniforms, letters, documents, and a model of the battle.



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