Altmühl Valley Nature Park

The Altmühl Valley Nature Park (German: Naturpark Altmühltal) is a nature park, 2,962 km²[1] in area, in the south German state of Bavaria. The area of the park is almost coextensive with that of the natural region major unit of the Southern Franconian Jura (Südliche Frankenalb). It lies immediately north of the city of Ingolstadt on the River Danube and is divided into a southern and northern Altmühl Valley.[2][3]

Altmühl Valley Nature Park
(Naturpark Altmühltal)
Schlossberg Rosenburg.JPG
Rosenburg in Altmühltal
Karte Naturpark Altmühltal.png
LocationFranconian Jura
Coordinates48°49′04″N 11°13′37″E / 48.81782°N 11.22707°E / 48.81782; 11.22707Coordinates: 48°49′04″N 11°13′37″E / 48.81782°N 11.22707°E / 48.81782; 11.22707
Area2,962 km2 (1,144 sq mi)[1]


The nature park was established on 25 July 1969[4] in Pappenheim by society formed for the purpose, the Naturpark Altmühltal (Südliche Frankenalb) ("Altmühl Valley Nature Park (Southern Franconian Jura)"). It is the fourth largest nature park in Germany after the Central/North Black Forest Nature Park, Bergstraße-Odenwald Nature Park and Southern Black Forest Nature Park.

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