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The Altenau is a small river that rises in the Elm in central Germany, northeast of Eitzum and discharges from the right into the Oker near Halchter, a district of Wolfenbüttel.

Altenau ford near Küblingen
State Lower Saxony, Germany
Reference no. DE: 4826
Physical characteristics
Main source northeast of Eitzum in the Elm
about 206 m
52°10′08″N 10°51′17″E / 52.16889°N 10.85472°E / 52.16889; 10.85472Coordinates: 52°10′08″N 10°51′17″E / 52.16889°N 10.85472°E / 52.16889; 10.85472
River mouth Oker near Wolfenbüttel
77 m
52°08′10″N 10°33′24″E / 52.136175°N 10.556703°E / 52.136175; 10.556703
Length 25.0 km (15.5 mi) [1]
Basin features
Progression OkerAllerWeserNorth Sea
Basin size 140 km2 (54 sq mi) [1]
Landmarks Small towns: Schöppenstedt
  • Left:
  • Right:
    Sauerbach, Hachumerbach, Glue Riede

Altenau valleyEdit

Between the heights of the Asse and the Heeseberg in the south and the Elm ridge in the north stretches an almost treeless arable plain, the roughly 25 kilometre long Schöppenstedt Depression (Schöppenstedter Mulde). Here the Altenau flows in an east-west direction in a meadow valley about 500 metres wide. The source of the river lies immediately west of the watershed between the rivers Weser and Elbe. In the southern part of the depression the Altenau picks up a succession of small streams from the slopes of the Elm as it cuts through the hollow as a regulated and relatively straight stream.


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