Alps Tour

The Alps Tour is a developmental professional golf tour for men which is sanctioned by the national golf associations of France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Morocco. Established in 2001, it is a third level tour, the highest level of men's golf in Europe being the European Tour, and the second level being the Challenge Tour. Other third level tours in Europe include the United Kingdom-based PGA EuroPro Tour, the Germany-based Pro Golf Tour, and the Nordic League in the Nordic countries. Beginning in July 2015, the four third-level tours will carry Official World Golf Ranking points.[1]

Alps Tour
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2019 Alps Tour
CountriesBased in Continental Europe.
Current schedule includes tournaments in Egypt and Guadeloupe.
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Like the other third-tier European tours, the top ten players on the Order of Merit are exempt through the second stage of European Tour Qualifying School, and the top five win playing privileges on the Challenge Tour.

Alumni who have gone on to win on the European Tour include Marco Crespi, Guido Migliozzi, Chris Paisley, Julien Quesne, and Matt Wallace.

Order of Merit winnersEdit

Year Player Country Points
2019 Edoardo Lipparelli   Italy 36,667.07
2018 Santiago Tarrío   Spain 26,702.45
2017 Adrià Arnaus   Spain 26,213.80
2016 Matt Wallace   England 49,703.17
2015 Darius van Driel   Netherlands 35,859.57
2014 Nino Bertasio   Italy 31,994.20
2013 Jason Palmer   England 36,660.30
2012 Gareth Shaw   Northern Ireland 34,545.37
2011 Guillaume Cambis   France 30,123.83
2010 Matteo Delpodio   Italy 44,631.61
2009 Andrea Perrino   Italy 48,285.33
2008 Julien Grillon   France 31,045.40
2007 Julien Quesne   France 37,715.66
2006 François Calmels   France 32,817.50
2005 Cédric Menut   France 28,334.80
2004 Andrea Maestroni   Italy 28,334.80
2003 Emmanuele Lattanzi   Italy 25,856.88
2002 Alessandro Napoleoni   Italy
2001 Stefano Reale   Italy


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