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Aloisio da Milano

Aloisio da Milano, also known as Aloisio da Carezano, Aleviz Milanets and Aleviz Fryazin (Алевиз Миланец, Алевиз Фрязин, Алевиз Фрязин Миланец in Russian) was an Italian architect who worked in Muscovy.

Aloisio da Carezano came to Moscow in 1494 at the invitation of Ivan III to replace Pietro Antonio Solari as a senior court architect responsible for fortifications and palaces. In 1495, he rebuilt the walls and towers of the Moscow Kremlin along the Neglinnaya River. In 1499–1508, Aloisio da Milano constructed a few stone chambers, which today constitute the first three floors of the Terem Palace. In 1508–1516, he also dug a moat (later dubbed the Alevizov moat in his honor) along the Kremlin wall on the side of the Red Square, covered with limestone and bricks. It was filled up in the 19th century. Aloisio da Milano also constructed a dam on the Neglinnaya River in 1508 and a bridge over it in 1516.