The Alo-daw Pyi Pagoda, also known as the Alodawpyi Pagoda or Alodawpyay Pagoda, is a Buddhist temple in Bagan, Bago Region, Myanmar. Built in the early 12th century, the temple is notable for its old structure and a number of fresco paintings.[1] The temple has been the subject of restorative efforts—funded by donations given by General Khin Nyunt[2][3]—since 1994, and is a popular pilgrimage site.[1] The temple's name translates to "Wish-fulfilling".[1][2]

Alo-daw Pyi Pagoda
Alodawpyi Pagoda.jpg
SectTheravada Buddhism
LocationBagan, Myanmar
Buddha with diamonds in the Alodawpyi Pagoda


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Coordinates: 21°10′37″N 94°52′57″E / 21.17694°N 94.88250°E / 21.17694; 94.88250