Allipén River

Allipén River is a river located in the La Araucanía Region of Chile. It is formed at the junction of the rivers Trufultruful and Zahuelhue, near Melipeuco. The Trufultruful is fed by the Conguillío Lake and other minor lakes located within Conguillío National Park.

Allipén River
Rio Allipén.jpg
Allipen River, in the middle of a 1903 map
Allipen River, in the middle of a 1903 map
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ location
Toltén River
Length108 km (67 mi)[1]
Basin size2,325 km2 (898 sq mi)[1]

Allipén's main tributary is Curaco River, which receives the waters of Colico Lake through the river of the same name. Mapa No. 30. Provincia de Cautin-7930037.jpg


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Coordinates: 39°00′49″S 72°31′05″W / 39.0136°S 72.5181°W / -39.0136; -72.5181