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The Alliance for Progress (Spanish: Alianza para el Progreso) is a Peruvian conservative-liberal political party founded on December 8, 2001 in Trujillo by Cesar Acuña Peralta. At the legislative elections held on 9 April 2006, the party won 2.3% of the popular vote but no seats in the Congress of the Republic.

Alliance for Progress

Alianza para el Progreso
PresidentCesar Acuña Peralta
IdeologyConservative liberalism
Political positionCenter-right
International affiliationNone
Continental affiliationNone
Seats in the Congress
0 / 130

In 2016 the party presented Acuña as their presidential candidate, however on 9 March the National Elections Jury barred him from the general election for violating the Political Parties Law.[1] The party currently holds eight seats in the Congress after the 2016 elections.

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