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Allen-Stevenson is a private boys school for kindergarten through 9th grade in New York City, New York. It opened in 1883 and moved to its present location at 132 East 78th Street in 1924.

The Allen-Stevenson School
Allen-Stevenson School (crest).jpg
132 East 78th Street


United States
Coordinates40°46′27.4″N 73°57′35.4″W / 40.774278°N 73.959833°W / 40.774278; -73.959833Coordinates: 40°46′27.4″N 73°57′35.4″W / 40.774278°N 73.959833°W / 40.774278; -73.959833
TypePrivate Elementary for Boys
MottoFortiter et Recte (Strongly and Rightly)
HeadmasterDavid R. Trower
GradesKindergarten to 9th Grade
Number of students410+ (2017)
Color(s)Blue and Gold
MascotThe Unicorn



The Allen School was founded in 1883 by Francis Bellows Allen at a home on Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. Its first class enrolled only three boys. In 1885, the school moved to rented rooms at Madison Avenue and 44th Street with an enrollment of 20 boys. In 1904, Mr. Allen met Robert Alston Stevenson, a tutor, who by chance had taken a room at 509 Fifth Avenue, where the School was then located. In 1904, Mr. Allen and Mr. Stevenson joined forces and then moved to 50 East 57th Street with 100 students. By 1918 enrollment exceeded 200. The School published its first newspaper, The Spotlight, and introduced an exercise program and team sports.

In 1924, the School purchased two brownstones for a new schoolhouse and moved to its present location on the Upper East Side. In 1939, Mr. Allen retired at the age of 80, after 56 years of service. In 1947, Mr. Stevenson retired after 43 years of service. His son, Robert "Huck" Alston Stevenson Jr., who had taught at the School, succeeded him as Headmaster.

In 1950, Joseph C. Rennard became Headmaster of Allen-Stevenson and served for nine years. The School introduced team sports at Randall's Island and required boys to wear navy blue blazers and gray flannel pants. In 1959, Henry Dyer Tiffany, Jr. became Headmaster until 1974. Under his leadership, a modern science lab and a paneled library, a gift from the Bell family, were added.

Allen-Stevenson's school song was composed by Rolande Schrade in 1968, the year she joined the A-S faculty as a lower-school music teacher.[1]

In 1974, Desmond Cole became Headmaster and served in that capacity for 16 years.[2] During his tenure, he created the Middle School division.

In 1983, The Allen-Stevenson School celebrated its first 100 years and published The Allen-Stevenson Centennial Album. Around that time an East 77th Street addition, designed by A-S parent Alfredo De Vido, was built onto the school.

In 1990, the Board of Trustees appointed David Trower as Allen-Stevenson's seventh Headmaster. In 2001, Allen-Stevenson launched its first website to improve communication about the School.

In 2007, a total renovation-expansion of the school interior was completed, which preserved the school's Classical Revival brick and Victorian brownstone facades according to New York Landmarks Preservation Commission guidelines for the Upper East Side Historic District.

In 2008, the school completed a year-long celebration of its 125th anniversary. The Board of Trustees approved Allen-Stevenson and Its Community, a policy statement about inclusion and community life.

In 2009, Allen-Stevenson was twice recognized for its work on energy and the environment, first with a coveted Energy Star rating by the U.S. Department of Energy, and then by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for LEED Gold Certification for Existing Buildings (EB).[1] This made Allen-Stevenson the very first elementary school in the United States to achieve LEED-EB Gold status.[3]

In 2015, Allen-Stevenson filed an application to New York City's Board of Standards and Appeals to build two new buildings behind the facades of existing brownstones for expansion of classroom, arts and athletics space, and cap them with an 18-foot rooftop greenhouse.[4]


Fall - Soccer, Football, Track, and Intramurals

Winter - Basketball, Wrestling, Ice Hockey, and Winter Track

Spring - Baseball, Lacrosse, Track, and Intramurals

There are also dance and wellness programs.


Allen-Stevenson offers art, shop, music and theatre programs for grades K-9. These include Art and Shop, Orchestra, Chorus, and Technical Theatre programs.


  1. Francis Bellows Allen (d. November 3, 1952) - 1883-1939, joins with Mr. Stevenson in 1904
  2. Robert Alston Stevenson - 1904-1947, becomes full-time Headmaster after Mr. Allen leaves in 1939
  3. Robert “Huck” Alston Stevenson Jr. - 1947-1949, son of Robert A. Stevenson, Sr., takes over when his father retires after 43 years.
  4. From 1949 to 1950, Cesido Ruel Simboli Ph.D. fills in as acting Headmaster while another one is being selected. He appears as “Acting Headmaster” in the 1950 yearbook.
  5. Joseph C. Rennard - 1950-1959, introduces navy blazers and gray flannel pants.
  6. Henry Dyer Tiffany, Jr. (b. 1910, d. 1994) - 1959-1974, adds modern science lab and the paneled Bell Library to the school.[5]
  7. Desmond Francis Patrick Cole (b. 1924, d. 2008) - 1974-1990, expands the science program, introduces micro-computers, and creates the Middle School division.[6][7]
  8. David Ross Trower - 1990–Present, appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Notable alumniEdit

Notable facultyEdit

  • Stanley D. Gauger (b. 1925, d. 2012), director of the Music Department and the Allen-Stevenson School Orchestra, 1948-1986; graduate of the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.[8]
  • William Curtis Holdsworth, art teacher, illustrator of children's books The Gingerbread Boy (1968),[9] The Little Red Hen (1969),[10] and Bugaboo Bill (1971).[11]
  • Donald Judd (b. 1928, d. 1994), Minimalist artist, taught art at Allen-Stevenson from 1957 to 1961.[12]
  • Paul Kellogg, French teacher, Assistant Headmaster and Head of the Lower School, 1967-1975; General and Artistic Director of the New York City Opera, 1996-2006.[13]
  • Robelyn Schrade-James (b. 1954, d. 2014), music teacher, pianist, performed at the 1964 New York World's Fair representing Steinway & Sons at age 10, also performed at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.
  • Rolande Schrade (b. 1927, d. 2015), music teacher, 1958-1989, pianist and ASCAP composer of more than 100 songs.[14]

Allen-Stevenson in the NewsEdit

  • Allen-Stevenson Gymnastics - 1911[15]
  • Allen-Stevenson Boxing Matches - 1912[16]
  • Mr. Cole refuses to close Allen-Stevenson during the Blizzard of 1978[17]
  • Eighty members of the Allen-Stevenson School Orchestra, including then-Vice President George H.W. Bush's nephew Jonathan Bush Jr., perform at the White House on an unexpectedly rainy day in 1984, to kick off the White House Visitors Concert Series.[18]
  • A story in The New Yorker about Allen-Stevenson and dances.[19]
  • A legal battle being waged that could have a major impact on how community facilities - schools, churches and doctors' offices - are built in New York City's residential neighborhoods - 1987[20]
  • Parents Protesting the End of Standardized Testing at Private Schools[21]
  • An article about private school tuition[22]


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