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AllMyNotes Organizer is an outliner application for Windows, and it allows you to store all documents and notes in a single storage file. Documents are organized in a hierarchical tree representation for quick browsing by topic. A portable version which can be installed on a USB flashdrive, iPod, or removable hard disk drive which can be used on any PC without the need to be installed is also available.


  • Organization - Notes can be organized with hierarchy boxes.
  • Projecting - The user may assign check boxes and priorities to all items in the hierarchy.
  • System tray menu - Allows the user to quickly capture clipboard content (documents and pictures), and to search data stored in the application.
  • Global search - Searches in all notes. Advanced Google-like query language is supported.
  • Password protection of data file and separate folders.
  • Skins - Installation pack includes 16 skins.
  • Alarm, Strong Password Generator and Spell Checker features.
  • Icons - 56 icons available to assign to folders and notes. Icons are skin-dependent.
  • Files and pictures can be attached to Notes in Rich Text Format edit control.
  • Multilingual - Available in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Italian, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech, Turkish, Mainland Simplified Chinese, Taiwan Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Amharic.

File formatsEdit

All data is stored locally in a single .ddb database file, encrypted at binary level using an 1800-bit encryption key. File access can be password restricted.

  • Import- Notes can be imported from .rtf, .txt, .csv, .knt (KeyNote), and .enex (Evernote), and .html documents, and pictures can be imported from .jpg, .png, .gif, and .bmp files.
  • Export- Notes can be exported to .rtf, .txt, and .html documents.


The interface is functional and simple with a skinned, multilingual interface. The interface also contains a customizable toolbar. The work area is divided into two panels. The left-hand panel displays the hierarchy tree of documents, and the right-hand panel displays the contents of the currently selected item in the hierarchy. It has a rich-text edit control for notes and a folder preview with thumbnails of documents if a folder is selected.

Versions, Editions, LicenseEdit

  • Portable version is available for users who need to use AllMyNotes Organizer on multiple PCs, can be installed on USB stick or any other kind of removable media.
  • Free and Deluxe editions available. Free edition is freeware. Deluxe edition has number of extended features compared to Free editions.

See also (external link): Comparison Table for Free and Deluxe Editions


  • 30 January 2017 - Release of version 3
  • 5 August 2010 - Release of version 2
  • 30 November 2009 - Portable version is released. Version 1.15
  • 20 November 2009 - Final Release of AllMyNotes Organizer. Version 1

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