Alison Tedstone

Alison Tedstone MBE RNutr FAfN (born April 1961)[1] is Chief Nutritionist (National Director of Diet, Obesity and Physical Activity)[2] at Public Health England (PHE).


Tedstone has a BSc and a PhD degree from the University of London, and conducted research into nutrition at the University of Oxford.[3]


From 2001 she was an academic at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.[3]

She joined the Food Standards Agency in 2001, becoming Head of Nutrition Science.[4] In 2010 her role (along with colleagues working on nutrition policy in England) transferred to the Department of Health,[5] and in turn to Public Health England when it was established in 2013.[3]

She became Chief Nutritionist at PHE. Her work includes the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, and she gives evidence to the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition.[3]

Tedstone is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist and a founding fellow of the Association for Nutrition, the voluntary regulator for nutritionists in the United Kingdom.[6]


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