Alingsås Municipality

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Alingsås Municipality (Alingsås kommun) is a municipality in Västra Götaland County in western Sweden. Its seat is located in the city of Alingsås.

Alingsås Municipality

Alingsås kommun
Coat of arms of Alingsås Municipality
Coat of arms
Alingsås Municipality in Västra Götaland County.png
CountyVästra Götaland County
 • Total551.17 km2 (212.81 sq mi)
 • Land472.03 km2 (182.25 sq mi)
 • Water79.14 km2 (30.56 sq mi)
 Area as of 1 January 2014.
 (31 December 2019)[2]
 • Total41,420
 • Density75/km2 (190/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
ISO 3166 codeSE
Municipal code1489
Density is calculated using land area only.

The present municipality was formed in 1974 then the former City of Alingsås (itself a municipality of unitary type since the subdivision reform of 1971) was amalgamated with Bjärke and Hemsjö.

Location, populationEdit

Alingsås is part (together with 12 other municipalities) of the Gothenburg Metropolitan Area with 900 000 inhabitants. Alingsås municipality has today (2011-01-01) 37 825 inhabitants. Most people live in Alingsås city (ca 25 000 inhab).

Sister citiesEdit

Alingsås has seven sister cities:


Result of the 2010 election

Moderate Party 27,90%

Centre Party 6,18%

Liberal People's Party 9,99%

Christian Democrats 8,74%

Swedish Social Democratic Party 25,72%

Left Party 6,16%

Green Party 9,49%

Sweden Democrats 4,75%

Other Parties 1,06%


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