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Alina Vladimirovna Artts (Алина Владимировна Артц, born 5 February 1986, Leningrad, Russian SFSR, USSR) is a Russian pop singer, television presenter, actress and writer. She is the chief editor of the television channel Europa plus tv. She hosts the morning channel "Novoye utro" in NTV. She also hosts the reality show M-1 Fighter in the Boyets television network[1] the evening show Hot Secrets s Alina Artts,[2] and the television programme Star Secrets,[3] and sang "Olimpiyskiy tanets" the official song of the 2014 Winter Olympics torch relay.[4]

Alina Artts
Алина Артц.jpg
Background information
Native name
Алина Артц
Birth nameAlina Vladimirovna Artts
Born (1986-02-05) 5 February 1986 (age 33)
Leningrad, Russian SFSR, USSR
  • Singer
  • actress
  • writer
  • television presenter
Years activefrom 2007
Associated acts
  • Via Sirius (2009–11)
  • Maxim Fadeyev
  • DJ Romeo
  • Pavel Bryun
  • Chris Cox
Alina Artz is a singer.



Russian television projectsEdit

  • Artts hosts a reality show on mixed martial arts M-1 Fighter on the Boyets television channel;[5]
  • She is also the host of the weekly programme Hot Secrets s Alina Artts on the music channel, from 2011 to 2013;[2]
  • Artts hosted the programme Music Lunch[6] live on Europa Plus TV in 2012;
  • She also hosted the programme Star Secrets s Alina Artts also on Europa Plus TV in 2013 and 2014;
  • Artts made a series of reports on Europa Plus Live in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Also for the TV network Europa Plus TV

International television projectsEdit


Year Title Network Ref.
2007 Svakha STS [11]
2008 Yeralash
Sled Channel One Russia
Svad'ba tvoyey mechty STS
2009 220 Volt lyubvi
Krysha [12]
2012 ChISo 4102 [13]

Music careerEdit

  • Artts was the vocalist of the DJ project Vengerov & Fedoroff from 2007 to 2008[14]
  • She is the soloist of the group VIA Sirius from 2009 to 2010[15]
  • Artts later started her solo vocal projects from 2011;
  • She is the performer of the official song of the Olympic torch relay "Olimpiyskiy tanets".[4]

Olympic torch relayEdit

The first performance of Artts' song "Olimpiyskiy tanets" was held on 8 October 2013 in Red Square.[4] Since October 2013 her relay song crossed all countries, from the west to the east and back to Sochi, and performed "Olimpiyskiy tanets" at all official celebrations of the Torch Relay of the Olympic Flame, under which, thanks to the participation of hundreds of volunteers, it organized specially delivered flash mobs.[4] October 28, 2013 Artts became an honorary torchbearer Torch Relay in the city of Pushkin.[16]



Year Title Duration
2012 Tantsuy, chtoby zhit'! 44:13


Year Track name Album
2009 "Tantsuy, chtoby zhit'!" Tantsuy, chtoby zhit'!
"Dyshi glubzhe"
"Its Alright"
2010 "Oskolki"
2011 "Prekrasnaya lozh'"
"Ne ubezhat'"
2012 "LA"
2013 "Kuda privodyat mechty" Myuzikl ChISo 4102
"Hit the Red Light" TBA
"Olimpiyskiy tanets" Torch relay of the Olympic fire Sochi 2014
2015 "Tantsuy, moya devochka" TBA


Year Clip Album Producer Ref.
2010 "Dyshi glubzhe" Tantsuy, chtoby zhit'! Andrey Sergeev
"Oskolki" Alexey Dubrovin
2011 "Prekrasnaya lozh'" Alan Badoev
2012 "Ne ubezhat'"
"It’s all right" Maxim Iksanov
"So mnoy po-drugomu nel'zya!" Konstantin Cherepkov [17]
"Prekrasnaya lozh'" in conjunction with DJ Romeo Alexey Treiman
2013 "LA" Alan Badoev
"Hit the Red Light" TBA Konstantin Cherepkov
2014 "Samaya yarkaya zvezda"
"Olimpiyskiy tanets" Evgeny Kamnev
2015 "High Enough" Serghey Grey


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