Alighiero Noschese

Alighiero Noschese (Italian pronunciation: [aliˈɡjɛːro noˈskeːze, -eːse];[1][2] 25 November 1932 – 3 December 1979) was an Italian TV impersonator and actor.

Alighiero Noschese
Alighiero Noschese 1962 Mondadori.jpg
Noschese in 1962
Born(1932-11-25)25 November 1932
Died3 December 1979(1979-12-03) (aged 47)
Rome, Italy

Life and careerEdit

Noschese was born in Naples. After an unsuccessful attempt to work as journalist, he debuted for Italian radio as imitator and parodist.[3] After some theatre appearances with Pietro Garinei and Sandro Giovannini, he became popular with the TV show Doppia coppia (1969), where, for the first time in the then wholly state-controlled Italian television, an actor was allowed to parody politicians.[3]

Noschese had an outstanding capability for imitating not only the voice of his subjects, but also their physical features and attitudes.[3] In an interview just before his death, Noschese listed a total of 1,156 voices he had imitated in his career.

On 3 December 1979, at the peak of his career, Noschese shot himself while under care for clinical depression in Rome. However, as firearms and other letal objects are not allowed to depressed patients, it is suspected that someone murdered Noschese or smuggled the gun to him.[4]

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