Ali Wardhana

Ali Wardhana (6 May 1928 – 14 September 2015) was an Indonesian economist and politician. He was born in the city of Surakarta (often known as Solo) in Central Java and died in Jakarta.

Ali Wardhana
Minister Schoo (Ontwikkelingssamenwerking) in gesprek met de delegatieleider van, Bestanddeelnr 932-6190.jpg
Wardhana (left) in the Netherlands (1983) at a meeting of the Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesia
Born(1928-05-06)6 May 1928
Died14 September 2015(2015-09-14) (aged 87)
EducationUniversity of Indonesia and University of California, Berkeley
Known forWork as a minister and economic adviser in Indonesia
TitleProfessor of Economics

Ali Wardhana was one of Indonesia's most senior economic policy-makers for over 20 years.[1] He was the Minister of Finance from 1966 to 1983, and the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs from 1983 to 1988.[2]

Ali Wardhana was generally considered to be one of the members of the group of economists, sometimes known as the 'Berkeley Mafia', who became very influential in economic policy during the period of Suharto's 'New Order' government. Other members of the group, all senior Indonesian economists, were generally regarded to include Professor Widjojo Nitisastro (often regarded as the informal senior member of the group), Professor Moh. Sadli, Professor Emil Salim, and Professor Subroto.

Early careerEdit

Ali Wardhana first graduated in economics from the well-known Faculty of Economics at the University of Indonesia (FEUI) in 1958. He continued on to studies at the University of California, Berkeley, graduating with a Master of Arts degree in 1961. In 1962, he completed a doctoral degree. His PhD thesis was on the topic of "Monetary policy in an underdeveloped economy: with special reference to Indonesia."

He returned to Indonesia to take up a post in the FEUI. In 1967 he was appointed as Dean of the FEUI, a post he held for ten years until 1978 while serving, concurrently, as the Minister of Finance in Indonesia.

Work with governmentEdit

A brief summary of Ali Wardhana's career is as follows:[3]

Further readingEdit

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