Ali Bhai

Ali Bhai (transl. Brother Ali) is a 2007 Indian Malayalam-language action-drama film directed by Shaji Kailas and written by T. A. Shahid. It was produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the company Aashirvad Cinemas.[1] Starring Mohanlal as Anwar Ali / Ali Bhai, an undisputed leader in Kozhikode Palayam market, and a hero for the poor. The character was based on a real-life person named Ali Bappu who lived a similar life in Kondotty a decade ago. The film also features Gopika, Navya Nair, Shamna Kasim, Innocent, Cochin Haneefa, Saikumar, Rajan P. Dev, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Siddique, Jagadish, and Shammi Thilakan in supporting roles.

Ali Bhai
Directed byShaji Kailas
Produced byAntony Perumbavoor
Written byT. A. Shahid
Music byAlex Paul
Edited byKuttu
Distributed by
Release date
  • 15 August 2007 (2007-08-15)
Running time
138 minutes

The film revolves around the lives of people in Kozhikode market, and also depicts the culture and lifestyle of traditional "Baramis" Muslim settlers in Kozhikode, migrated from Yemen to India centuries ago for trading in Kerala, who are known for making Urus.[2] In the film, Anwar Ali is a member of a Barami family, who flees from home when wrongly accused of a theft. He settles in Kozhikode market and grew up as Ali Bhai, the protector of Kozhikode market. He influences many lives around the market. The film was a festival release during Onam and released in Independence day.[3]

The film completed its post-production in Chennai.[4] Pyramid Saimira Group, the Chennai-based multinational company distributed the film outside Kerala.[5] It was released over a record number of 85 screens in Kerala, which was the highest release for a Malayalam film at that time. The movie collected 84 lakhs on its first day from 85 screens, making it the biggest ever grosser for a Malayalam film on first day at that time.[6]


Alibhai tells the story of Anwar Ali (Mohanlal) known as Alibhai a King "Dadha" of Palayam market, Kozhikode. He is the unquestionable hero in that area and savior of the poor and downtrodden. The movie opens with the flashback sequences which establish young Ali, a member of a barami family famous for making Urus, who leaves his home in his childhood when his own father Ahmed Sahib (Innocent) mistakes him for an unexpected thief and beats him black and blue in front of people. Ali's friends Sundaran Thampi (Siddique), tells the mob he saw the theft which was actually done by himself for avenging his fathers rivalry with Ahmad Sahib. Ali knowing he was cheated by his friend grab the butcher sword and chops off his hand and flees from his home to the Palayam market. He never backs out from a fight where he grows up as Alibhai, an undisputed leader of the proletarian class, one who stands up to speak for them and even to clench his fists and fight for them and their rights. The son grows up to be a good-hearted toughie.

There are many whose lives revolve around Alibhai. There is Kunjikannan, known popularly as Market Kunji, who is Alibhai's mentor and sort of guardian. There are a bunch of friends and well-wishers who form his gang, including Hameed, Salim Babu, Ramu, Podipaatti Kunjaattu, Sameer Das, Vijayan, Dasappan and a little boy Ganapathy. There is the flower girl Chenthamara who loves him deeply, and there is young Kingini, who is brought up by Alibhai just as a father brings up his daughter. Then comes another girl Ganga, who is given refuge by Alibhai under some special circumstances. He also looks after Abraham, who earlier used to rule over the Palayam market as a goonda, and who was defeated in a fight by Alibhai, following which he was so badly injured that he has been bedridden ever since. All these and many others constitute the near and dear ones of Alibhai.

Once in a while Alibhai goes to his own house to meet his mother and to secretly leave behind a gift for his father, whom he loves dearly. But all this is destined to change when Sundaran, who was actually the one who had plotted against Ali in his childhood resurfaces after a long time and with a remorseful heart, begs of Ali to forgive him and to return home. At almost the same time someone else appears – Danny Abraham, the son of Abraham, who has certain motives of his own. From here Alibhai's life is destined to change dramatically. They wanted to drive out Alibhai from the market and build a shopping mall with the help of local politicians. They are hand in glove with the city corporation and the state administration and are having the aid of big investors from foreign countries. They are into anything, to settle their old scores and change the Kozhikode city into an international tourist centre which provides fun, wine and women. How Alibhai resists their attempts to save the market and the city. At one stage, they planted a bomb and killed many of his friends and neighbours, including his foster daughter. Ali bhai kills every one behind it single-handedly and become the godfather of that area.



The film pooja ceremony was held at Vismayas Max Studio in Thiruvananthapuram on 21 May 2007 coinciding with Mohanlal's birthday. It was a rare pooja function in Mollywood, around 3000 of his fans attended the function for the birthday celebration.[7][8]

The film was shot in Kozhikode and Pollachi.[9] The art director of the film Bobban has erected a huge set for the film depicting Valiyangadi market, which resembles the original to the core. "As it is very hard for Lal sir to shoot amidst his great fans in Kozhikode market, we were forced to recreate the market here", says the producer Antony Perumbavoor.[10] The climax fight was shot in Binny mills, Chennai. Mohanlal was slightly injured with an air gun during the climax shoot.[11]


The film was censored on Monday 13 August, with a clean U (Universal) certificate. Ali Bhai was released on 15 August 2007 on Indian Independence day. Central Pictures distributed the film in Kerala. It made a new record in Malayalam releasing over 80 screens in Kerala. No Malayalam film has ever released in so many screens at that time.[12] Pyramid Saimira Theatres Ltd. (PSTL) the distribution division of Chennai-based multinational entertainment company Pyramid Saimira, one of the world's fastest-growing entertainment groups, distributed the film outside Kerala. The film was released simultaneously in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore.[13]


Ali Bhai
Soundtrack album by
Released1 January 2006
GenreFilm Soundtrack
LabelMc Audios
ProducerAntony Perumbavoor
Alex Paul chronology
Ali Bhai
Kichamani MBA

The film's soundtrack contains 8 songs composed by Alex Paul, with lyrics written by Gireesh Puthenchery.

Track list
1."Aadimekha"M. G. Sreekumar04:55
2."Karik Karik"Andriya04:12
3."Arabikadalin"M. G. Sreekumar04:56
4."Punchirikkana"M. G. Sreekumar, Liji Francis04:30
5."Pinchu Kidaangale"Liji Francis05:04
7."Neelamizhi"G. Venugopal, Jyotsna, Vidhu Prathap04:28
8."Makaale Makkale"M. G. Sreekumar04:29
Total length:35:57


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