Alfalfa House

Alfalfa House Community Food Cooperative Ltd is a not-for-profit food cooperative based in Enmore, Sydney, Australia.[1] It is a registered cooperative.[2] Alfalfa House began in the front room of a terraced house in Erskineville in 1981.[3][4]

Alfalfa House
TypeFood cooperative
IndustryGrocery retailing
Founded1988 (1988)
ProductsWhole foods, organic food

According to its introductory material for new members, the main aim of the cooperative is to provide minimally-packaged and minimally-processed organic food and low-impact common household products, processed in ways that minimise harm to both people and the environment.[5]


Alfalfa House is managed by a board of directors, known as the Members' Council, elected at the cooperative's Annual General Meeting. The council oversees the financial management and general ongoing policy-making of the co-op. According to its Rules of Incorporation, any financial surpluses are to be re-invested in the co-op to improve services to the membership.


According to its Rules of Incorporation, Alfalfa House aims to

  • provide a retail source of wholefoods so that members may have some control over the sources of their food supply
  • provide information on and promote the use of: low-cost, ethically-produced and packaged wholefoods; cruelty-free foods; vegetarian foods; vegan foods; organic foods; and genetically modified-free foods
  • run an ethical, not-for-profit business
  • minimise resource wastage and, hence, encourage reuse and recycling
  • support other cooperatives whose objectives are similar or related to the objectives of the cooperative
  • stimulate community development, foster community spirit and promote sustainable living

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