Alexis Tsafas

Alexis Tsafas (born 1956), is a Greek filmmaker and producer.[1][2] He has contributed vastly to the cinema of Cape Verde by making critically acclaimed films, A menina dos olhos grandes, Tunnel and Zenaida.[3]

Alexis Tsafas
Alexis Tsafas

OccupationDirector, writer, producer
Years active1977–present


Year Film Role Genre Ref.
1977 Epea Director, writer, producer Documentary short
1978 Iliotropio Director, writer Short film
1982 Diadromi Director, producer Documentary short
1983 I katoikia stin Ellada Director, writer Documentary
1985 Plastikes axies sti zografiki Director, writer, editor Documentary
1990 To teleftaio paihnidi Director, writer Video film
1991 Tunnel Director, writer Film
2002 Dancing with Raidel Director, writer, producer Documentary
2004 The Music Cape Director, cinematographer Documentary
2008 Mindelo - Traz d' horizonte Director Documentary
2010 A menina dos olhos grandes Director Film
2015 Zenaida Director Film [4]

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