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The first of many Alexandrias in the Far East of the Macedonian Empire, Alexandria in Ariana was a city in what is now Afghanistan, one of the twenty-plus cities founded or renamed by Alexander the Great. The third largest Afghan city, Herat, is the city's modern name.[1][2]

Alexandria Ariana
Mercator Map (1578) - Asiae-Tabula IX
Mercator Map (1578) - Asiae-Tabula IX

Coordinates: 34°14′33″N 62°26′57″E / 34.24246°N 62.44904°E / 34.24246; 62.44904

Citadel in the old city of Herat believed to have been constructed by Alexander.

In 330 BC, the Greek armies of Alexander moved the capital of the satrapy of Aria[3] from Artacoana to the new site.[4] In doing this, he expanded an existing Persian fortress.

The location of this town is difficult to determine due to the sparsity of ancient sources. However:

Alexandria in Ariana is listed on the Parthian Stations Itinerarium and is also shown on the Tabula Peutingeriana.

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