Alexander Khvylya

Alexander Leopoldovich Khvylya (born Bressem, Russian: Александр Леопольдович Хвыля, Ukrainian: Олександр Леопольдович Хвиля, Oleksandr Leopoldovich Khvylya; 15 July 1905 – 17 October 1976) was a Soviet theater and film actor who played in The Diamond Arm, The end of Chyrva Kozyr, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, and others. He was a People's Artist of the RSFSR (23 October 1963).[1]

Soviet actor Alexander Khvylya in the 1946 film "The Liberated Land"

Khvylya was born in the Swedish colony in the village of Oleksandro-Shultyne (Yekaterinoslav Governorate, Russian Empire) to Swedish parents as Alexander Leopoldovich Bressem.[1] Today the village is part of the Ivanopil rural community in Kostiantynivka Raion, Donetsk Oblast.


In 1922 he graduated from the Vorovsky Drama Studio. Khvylya worked in the Zankovetska Music-Drama Theater from 1924 through 1926, then in Berezil that just relocated to Kharkiv from Kiev. From 1934 until the German invasion of WWII, he worked in the Kharkiv Drama Theater of Shevchenko. Later, Khvylia relocated to Moscow, where he worked in the State theater of a cinema-actor.



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