Alexander Ivanov (chess player)

Alexander Ivanov

Alexander Ivanov (born May 1, 1956) is a Soviet-born American chess grandmaster born in Omsk.[1] He moved to the United States in 1988. FIDE awarded him his GM title in 1991.[2] He lives in Massachusetts with his wife.

Ivanov competed in four FIDE World Championships (1999, 2000, 2002 and 2004) and four FIDE World Cups (2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011).

He played for the Soviet team in the World U26 Team Championship in 1978, winning the team silver medal, and in 1980, taking two gold medals. Ivanov played for the US team in the 2002 Chess Olympiad.[3]


ELO Classic: 2464

ELO Rapid: 1739

ELO Blitz: 2497[4]

Most played openings with white piecesEdit

1. Sicilian, Nardorf, Fianchetto Variation

2. Sicilian, Scheveningen Variation

3. Caro-Kann Defense

4. Sicilian Defense

Most played openings with black piecesEdit

1. Robatsch (Modern) Defense

2. Ruy Lopez, closed, 9.h3

3. Queen's Indian, 4.g3

4. Queen's Indian Defense

Notable victoriesEdit

Ivanov vs. Var Akobian, US Championship (Group A, 2011)[5]

Ivanov vs. Dan Naroditsky, US Championship (Group A, 2011)[6]

Ivanov vs. Deep Thought, Pittsburgh (1988)[7]

Notable placingsEdit

He won first at the 1998 Young Masters Championship of the USSR. He also tied for first with Anatoly Karpov and Boris Gulko at a 1982 Moscow tournament that featured 51 grandmasters. He also shared first in the 1989 National Open and World Open events. He was joint US champion in 1995 (with Nick de Firmian and Patrick Wolff), and Pan American champion in 1998. In 2007 he tied for first place with Julio Granda, Varuzhan Akobian, Darcy Lima and Eduardo Iturrizaga in the American Continental Championship in Cali.[8] He also won the 135th Annual New York State Championship in 2013, winning $1,500.[9]


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