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Aleksandr Bukalov (also known as Alexander Bukalov or Aleksandr Boukalov) (born 1962), is a Ukrainian socionics specialist, doctor of psychology, director of the International Institute of Socionics (IIS) (International Institute of Socionics (IIS)).

He works in the field of psychology, socionics, sociology, computer science, cybernetics, artificial intelligence modeling, biophysics, quantum physics, superconductivity, astroparticle physics, astrobiology. Bukalov has authored more than 250 scientific articles and a number of books, including The potential of the individual and the mysteries of human relationships.[1]

He founded the International Institute of Socionics in Kiev, Ukraine (International Institute of Socionics (IIS)) in 1991.

Socionics journalsEdit

He is director of the International Institute of Socionics and editor in chief of the following six peer-reviewed journals published by the International Institute of Socionics:

  1. Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology [1]. Six issues of the journal have been published every year since 1995 in the Russian language, with various topics ranging from basic socionics theory, hypothesises concerning socionics theory, and practical applications of socionics theory.
  2. Psychology and Socionics of Interpersonal Relations [2]
  3. Management and Personnel: Psychology of Management, Socionics and Sociology [3]
  4. Pedagogics, Psychology and Socionics of Education [4]
  5. Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics [5]
  6. Origin of language and culture: ancient history of mankind [6]

Co-founder of socionicsEdit

After the original models presented by Ausura Augusta, Bukalov is responsible with Gregory Reinin and Victor Gulenko for the structuring of modern socionics theory.[2][3][4][5][6]


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